Annual Prize Giving at Templebreedy NS

Templebreedy NS’s annual Prize Giving took place again on Tuesday, 30th May 2023. Prize Giving in a special event in the school’s year, and the focus is on the school’s motto “To be my best and to do my best”. Every pupil gets rewarded on their progress, and together they celebrate example and effort in every child’s individual learning. This year’s Prize Giving was the last time the current Incumbent, the Rev. Isobel Jackson, attended the special event before she leaves the Diocese to become Dean of Kildare Cathedral.

Mike Hodder, Board of Management Chair, opened the evening with a speech, and the Rev. Isobel Jackson said a prayer before all children participated in a musical performance, which they had prepared throughout the year under the weekly guidance of Mr Peter Stobart, Director of the Diocesan Church Music Scheme.

The Rev. Isobel Jackson writes:

I have so enjoyed being involved in the warm and welcoming Templebreedy School community since my arrival in the parish in 2010. It was an honour to be invited to present the prizes this year at my last prize giving ceremony, and so grateful for the opportunity to congratulate each and every child on this year’s achievements. Templebreedy is a remarkable school, and it is because it is filled with remarkable people, teachers, Board, support staff and children alike, everyone striving to live up to its motto ‘to be your best and do your best’.

Visiting the classrooms each week, and spending time with the children has been the highlight, children ask the best questions, ones that would stump a bishop! And so often their answers were insightful, some budding theologians in our midst!

Some time back, two young boys in the junior classroom even managed to elevate my humble position… One morning on entering the classroom before class began the boys were playing at the sand tray, as I passed by, I heard one say to the other ‘There’s God’! 

I think I’m safe in saying, that will never happen again! And I was reduced to the ‘Major of Crosshaven’ a few weeks later by a six-year-old. These are the memories that will stay with me of my time in Templebreedy.

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