Bishop Paul Colton’s Address on Saint Patrick’s Day 2018 in Cork

Sermon preached by the Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton,

Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross

in the Cathedral Church of Saint Fin Barre, Cork

on Saint Patrick’s Day, 2018

‘We are fools for Christ …’ (1 Corinthians 4.10)

The last time I stood in this pulpit was at the end of last week to preach at the marriage of my godson David (once head chorister in this Cathedral) to his beautiful bride, Sadhbh.  In the Church of Ireland Marriage Service, one of the prayers said uses these words: ‘May their life together be a witness to your love in this troubled world, may unity overcome division, forgiveness heal injury, and joy triumph over sorrow …’  This, of course, is the calling of all Christians; to be witnesses to Christ’s love in the world.  Saint Paul called it ‘the ministry of reconciliation’ – ‘reconciliation’, from the Latin ‘to bring back together.’

On these Saint Patrick’s Days in recent years, which correspond to significant centenaries in our history, I have taken, each year, since 2014, a human starting point, personal or local, as a springboard to our reflection about ourselves in contemporary Ireland: the First World War,  the Easter Rising, and the Somme. In the year since we last gathered here to mark our national Saint on our national day, 100 years ago, my own grandmother would have received the news during the winter past that her husband of less than one year had been killed in action.

The week ahead, one hundred years ago, saw the start of the so-called Spring-Offensive.  Germany realised it had to try to get the war all sewn up before the full might and resources of the USA were deployed.  In four days time in 1918, the focus would once again be on the Somme and Flanders. By 23rd March there would be massive losses and, effectively, the 16th Irish and the 36th Ulster Divisions will have collapsed. In April 1918 plans to introduce conscription would result in a popular and a political backlash. In May the first instance of the Spanish flu would be recorded in Ireland; the flu – ‘no respecter of religious sensitivities or differences of any kind for that matter.  More than 800,000 would catch the virus, 23,000 in Ireland would die. 23,000 and 35,000 in the First World War.

And the war would be over, sort of, by November.  I say, ‘sort of’, because countless homes and communities would live forever with the fallout people like my own grandmother who silently carried the loss until her death when I was 5 in 1965, and whose second husband, as I myself witnessed, put on the special boots every day to accommodate his war time wounds, until his death in 1971.  From you to me to them: that’s just one degree of the so called degrees of separation, through me, to the grief and wounded of that war 100 years ago.

That human connection is repeated in a myriad of ways here in Ireland and throughout the world.  

In the coming week, in the first 3 days of that Spring Offensive, from this Diocese alone, 11 young men would be killed in action; names which would eventually be included on that memorial there; ranging in age from 19 years to 36. Seven of them died on one day – 21st March:  Arthur Anderson (Church Street, Dunmanway), Charles Bateman (Upton), Fenton Cummins (Glanmire), Charles Lowrey (Mitchelstown), Fred Oakley (31 Thomas Davis, Street), Victor Perrott (Bandon), and George Skuse (Skibbereen). And on the following days of that one week: William Butler (Gardiner’s Hill),  Henry Eason (Shandon), William Crosbie (Cork City), and William Henry Madden, son of the Dean of this Cathedral, Dr Samuel Owen Madden, who was married to Bishop John Gregg’s daughter, Charlotte.

By the time we meet here again next year, there will have been the General Election in December.  Women will have voted for the first time. Dáil Éireann will meet for the first time on 21st January 1919. All of those move our commemorations on to a new phase.

What is the role of the Church, of Christians, in all these commemorations?  In our ‘life together [we are to] be a witness to [Christ’s] love in this troubled world, may unity overcome division, forgiveness heal injury, and joy triumph over sorrow  …’ Fergal Keane, whose mother taught me English in Ashton School, calls his very personal book about this period: ‘Wounds’. In the years ahead we will undoubtedly give thanks for the birth and emergence of our nation, but we also do well to realise that there are indeed still ‘wounds’ to be tended to and healed.  We also need to be vigilant about entirely new wounds of division which may be emerging as a product of our own times.

When I spoke last August in Dunmanway about some of these things at the opening of the new Sam Maguire Community Bells, the reactions themselves bear this out.  There was a whole spectrum of responses: positive and negative, encouraging and abusive, fearful and confident, engaging and intelligent, and sadly, a few ignorant and sectarian.  

One man said: ‘I admire your courage talking about those things here in Dunmanway.’  Another said, ‘You’re some fool.’ Perhaps, but as Saint Paul said ‘we are fools for Christ…’  And when it comes to what he also called ‘the ministry of reconciliation’, we have to use our imagination and to take risks, risks of engaging with one another  – sharing our stories and our histories, meeting for dialogue, and discovering the common ground in our humanity.

I found that, in doing all those things in our 1916 commemorations, I met all sorts of people and heard their stories in a way that was enriching and transformed me.  For that reason I began to work on a project that I am announcing here publicly today for the first time, and to ask you to join us, in this Diocese, in partnership in it.  I took advice across a spectrum of backgrounds and disciplines. I tabled it as a draft at our Diocesan Council last September. It recognises that Cork figures prominently on the national stage in the centenary years that are to come; that Cork, in many ways, was one of the most violent places in those years.  I am glad to say that nationally, the Church of Ireland through what we call our Church of Ireland Priorities’ Fund has recognised this too and, earlier this week, agreed in large measure to co-fund this initiative which I am calling the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Commemorations and Reconciliation Project. It will have two distinct phases, corresponding to the commemorations of the War of Independence and of the Civil War.  In announcing it here today, I want to signal that I will be engaging with many of you from many different perspectives about it in coming weeks to ask for your input and partnership. I hope that in the Civil War commemorations we might initiate a walk of witness to our diversity and our togetherness, all over this city and county – perhaps all over this country – a walk where we walk with and talk, and perhaps even hold hands with people so different from ourselves that now, we could not imagine holding hands with.  But by then we might!

The point of it all, to use the words of Pope John XXIII when announcing the 2nd Vatican Council, is this:

‘… We will not try to find out who was wrong,

we will not try to find out who was right,

we will only say:

Be reconciled…’

To us is entrusted, says Saint Paul, ‘the ministry of reconciliation’ (2 Cor. 5.18)  This is not only backward looking to the commemorations it involves engaging with differences here and now in our time.

This could be a potent adventure.  As one of those two recent Cork icons, not Jock, but Conor  of The Young Offenders  said: ‘There are two things you need for an adventure, a treasure map and someone dumb enough to go with you.’  

In announcing this today and calling for people from many backgrounds to partner us in this initiative for the centenaries ahead, I hope I have begun to lay out a map.  Now all I need is someone – many – to go with me. Some might think it dumb or foolish, but there again, as Saint Paul says, we are to be ‘fools for Christ.’ (1 Corinthians 4.10).  The Christian tradition of being ‘fools for Christ’ is all about challenging in society what ordinarily would not be challenged, in order to imitate the way of Christ. That is the sort of imagination and creative foolishness we need, so that, like David my godson and Sadhbh, our ‘life together [may] be a witness to [God’s] love in this troubled world.’

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Tony Fitzgerald, the Lady Mayoress, Georgina Fitzgerald, CEO of Cork City Council, Ann Doherty, and City Councillors with Bishop Paul Colton outside St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Cork following the St Patrick’s Day Civic Service. (Photograph: David Barry)

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New Incumbent Instituted in Cobh and Glanmire Union of Parishes

On Sunday afternoon, 11th March, in the presence of a large congregation of parishioners, visitors, clergy and readers from Cork, Cloyne and Ross, in Christ Church, Rushbrooke, Cobh, County Cork, the Reverend Paul Arbuthnot was instituted as incumbent of Cobh and Glanmire Union of Parishes.  The Bishop, the Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton, presided.  Among the invited guests were representatives of the Mayor of Cork County, the Naval Service, An Garda Síochána, the Cobh branch of O.N.E., and clergy from the local Roman Catholic Parish, including St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh.  The Rector of Dunfanaghy in the Diocese of Raphoe, the Reverend David McDonnell, was the preacher.

Photographed after the Institution in Cobh and Glanmire were (l-r) John C. Jermyn (Assistant Diocesan Registrar); the Reverend Tony Murphy (Rural Dean); the Reverend David McDonnell (Preacher); the Reverend Elaine Murray (Bishop’s Chaplain); the Reverend Paul Arbuthnot (Incumbent of Cobh and Glanmire); the Very Reverend Nigel Dunne (Dean of Cork); the Bishop; and the Venerable Adrian Wilkinson (Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross)

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Cork Church of Ireland Parish partners GAA and other local groups in new ‘Sam Maguire School Tour’ initiative

Many people know the name of Sam Maguire, but few know the story of the man behind the cup. The Sam Maguire School Tour is a partnership between the Church of Ireland in Dunmanway, Co. Cork, where Sam Maguire was a parishioner and is buried and five other groups in the area: the Sam Maguire Community Bells, the G.A.A., Glenilen Farm, the Top of the Rock, and Funmanway.  It is all packaged together to provide a fun and informative day out for primary school tours.

The brochure is here: Sam Maguire Tour – brochure

The Sam Maguire School Tour was formally launched in St. Mary’s Church in Dunmanway by Cllr. Declan Hurley, Mayor of the County of Cork and Tracey Kennedy, Cork GAA Chairperson on Tuesday 27th of February. They were accompanied by the pupils from 5th and 6th class of Dunmanway Model School, where Sam himself attended as a child.

Ringing the changes at the Sam Maguire Community Bells

Prior to the launch, the children from Sam’s old school went on a trail tour to Top of the Rock, Glenilen Farm, Dunmanway Swimming Pool and St, Mary’s church with the Sam Maguire Community Bells. Dunmanway Historical Association and Funmanway are also included as options on the tour but were not included in today’s itinerary.

Rev. Cliff Jeffers explaining the story of Sam Maguire at Sam’s grave

Making yummy yoghurt at Glenilen Farm.

Feeding a lamb at Top of the Rock in Drimoleague.

At Dunmanway Swimming Pool

The purpose of this school tour is to tell the story of the life Sam Maguire and the history of his home town, Dunmanway in Co. Cork. Sam Maguire was a member of the Church of Ireland from Malabracka near Dunmanway and is buried in St. Mary’s Churchyard in Dunmanway town. After his schooling he took up a position in the post office in London, he became a member of the IRB and provided intelligence and support to Michael Collins in the struggle for Irish freedom. Sam also played Gaelic Football in London, was captain of his senior football team as well as president of his club, London Hibernians. He represented the London County Board as congress and was a trustee of Croke Park.

As well as School Tours, the Sam Maguire Community Bells are looking forward to welcoming Coach Tours this summer and are planning to open their doors to tourists every afternoon in July and August, where visitors can hear the story of Sam Maguire and ring the Sam Maguire Community Bells for themselves.

For more information about the Sam Maguire School Tour, contact or ring 023-8856508 from 10.30-3pm Mon-Fri (exc. Wed). Or see

The Rev. Cliff Jeffers said:

This summer we are looking forward to welcoming primary schools to come to visit us to learn about Sam Maguire, to hear his story and to play a few tunes on the Sam Maguire Community Bells in St. Mary’s Church in Dunmanway as well as seeing some of the exciting attractions that West Cork has to offer.

Cllr Declan Hurley, Mayor of the County of Cork said:

This is a new and exciting initiative for Dunmanway. Offering a great learning experience for our kids. Taking in the many locations of interest, which tell the story about Sam Maguire growing up in his hometown of Dunmanway.

Cork County Board Chairperson Tracey Kennedy praised the initiative saying:

The Sam Maguire School Tour is an ideal opportunity for children to learn more about the life and birthplace of Sam Maguire, while at the same time getting involved in in a number of really fun and educational activities. It’s a truly unique experience and I would urge all schools to consider a visit.

Launch of the Sam Maguire School Tour in St. Mary’s Church, Dunmanway.

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John Jermyn, Jnr, appointed Assistant Diocesan Registrar in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

Most people in Ireland associate the name of Olympian John Jermyn, Jnr with Cork Church of Ireland Hockey Club, and as Ireland’s record goal scorer in hockey. First capped at senior level for the Irish Men’s Hockey Team in 2002, and with more than 90 goals under his belt, as well as 177 caps notched up playing for his country, John C. Jermyn has now responded to a call-up of a totally different kind.

Irish Hockey Legend, John C. Jermyn

The Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Dr Paul Colton, has appointed John as Assistant Diocesan Registrar in the United Dioceses, a position John has willingly accepted. John was educated at St Luke’s National School, Douglas, Cork, Ashton School, Cork and at University College Cork. He is a solicitor with the firm of RDJ, Ronan, Daly, Jermyn Solicitors.  He will work as Assistant Diocesan Registrar alongside his father, John L. Jermyn, thus following in the steps, not only of his father, but also of his grandfather and great-grandfather, all of whom served the United Dioceses in this capacity.

John C. Jermyn
New Assistant Diocesan Registrar in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

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Changes to, and Cancellations of, some Sunday Services in Cork, Cloyne and Ross on Sunday, 4th March

Like the rest of the island, parishes are being affected in different ways by recent weather events.  Location, the travel required of Diocesan Readers and locum clergy, safe access to church buildings, not least in rural areas, are just some of the factors that have to be taken into account.

The Bishop, Dr Paul Colton, comments:

I have encouraged clergy and readers to review arrangements for Sunday Services in the Diocese for Sunday, 4th March, where circumstances demand that they do so, paying particular attention to the information supplied by, and advice given by, State agencies and other advisory groups.

Obviously the various parts of the Diocese are affected in different ways, so decisions have to be made locally in consultation with churchwardens and, where possible, representatives of the parishes.  In some instances, clergy and readers living in one part of the Diocese find that they will not be able to travel to take Services elsewhere.

In all of this, and above all else, I urge that everyone put safety first, and do not endeavour to come out to walk or travel to Church if it is not safe to do so.  Please also continue to make contact, as you have been doing, with older parishioners and anyone vulnerable living alone or living in isolated parts of the Diocese.

Changes are, therefore, announced as follows to Sunday Services in parishes and chaplaincies in Cork, Cloyne and Ross:

(For parishes not listed please contact the local clergy. A list of parishes and chaplaincies is found here.)

List UPDATED at 07.50 hrs on 4th March 2018

Abbeystrewry Union of Parishes (Skibbereen, Castletownshend, Caheragh):

The only Service will be at 11.30 a.m. in Abbeystrewry Parish Church (Skibbereen)

The 9 am Eucharist in St. Barrahane’s, Castletownshend and the 10.15 Eucharist in St. Mary’s Caheragh are both cancelled.

Bandon Union (Bandon, Innishannon, Rathclaren, Ballinadee, Brinny)

The only Service will be at 11.30 a.m. in St Peter’s Church, Bandon.

All other Services are cancelled.

Funerals scheduled for 3rd and 4th  are postponed

Carrigaline Union (Carrigaline and Monkstown)

The only Service will be at 11am in St Mary’s Church, Carrigaline (Holy Communion)

The 9:30 a.m. Morning Prayer in St John’s Church, Monkstown has been cancelled.

Carrigrohane Union (Carrigrohane, Blarney, Inniscarra)

All Services are cancelled.

Chapel of Christ the Healer, Cork University Hospital

Service cancelled.

Chapel of Saint Luke’s Home

Service cancelled.

Cloyne Union (Midleton, Cloyne, East Ferry and Corkbeg)

All Services are cancelled as the priest who was due to travel to take Services is snow bound.

Cobh and Glanmire Union

All Services are cancelled as the Diocesan Reader cannot travel.

Cork ~ Saint Anne, Shandon

There will be one Service only in Saint Anne’s, Shandon at 10.15 a.m.

All other Services are cancelled.

The Tower Teens Youth Group meeting planned for 5.30 p.m. is also cancelled

Cork ~ Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

Services will be held at the usual times: 8 a.m., 11.15 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.

However, the choir will not be on duty due to uncertainty concerning road conditions.

At 11.15 a.m. there will be hymns and some music sung/led by the Director of Music, Peter Stobart.

Douglas Union with Frankfield

Only two Services will be held as follows:

Saint Luke’s, Douglas at 11.15 a.m.

St Michael’s, Blackrock at 11.30 a.m.

All other Services are cancelled.

Fanlobbus Union (Dunmanway, Drinagh, Drimoleague and Coolkelure)

The only Service will be in St Mary’s Dunmanway at 11 a.m.

All other Services are cancelled.

Fermoy Union (Fermoy, Knockmourne, Glenville, Ballyhooly)

It is currently planned that Services will take place as usual in Fermoy and Knockmourne.  If in doubt please check with the priest-in-charge or churchwardens.

Services are cancelled in Ballyhooly and Glenville as it would not be safe for the Diocesan Reader to travel across the mountains to take them.


Service cancelled.

Kilgariffe Union (Clonakilty, Timoleague, Courtmacsherry, Kilmalooda)

All Services are cancelled.

Kilmocomogue Union (Bantry and Durrus)

Two Services will be held tomorrow:

10am      Holy Communion in St. Brendan’s, Bantry

11.45am  Holy Communion in St. James, Durrus

The 8.15am  Service in St. Brendan’s, Bantry is cancelled

Kilmoe Union (Schull and Toormore)

All Services are cancelled as the locum priest cannot travel.

Kinneigh Union (Kinneigh, Farranthomas, Kilmeen)

All Services are cancelled.

Kinsale Union of Parishes:

The only Service will be at 11:30 a.m. in St Multose, Kinsale (Said Eucharist with Sunday School).

The following Services are cancelled:  8:30am Communion (Kinsale) and 10:00am Morning Prayer (Ballymartle).

Mallow Union (Mallow, Doneraile, Castletownroche)

The only Service will be at 11.45 a.m. in St James, Mallow

All other Services are cancelled.

Moviddy Union (Aherla, Templemartin and Kilmurry)

All Services are cancelled.

Ross Union (Rosscarbery, Leap, Union Hall, Glandore, Castleventry)

Three Services will be held in the Parish, as follows:

8.00 am Holy Communion Ross Cathedral

9.00 am Holy Communion Union Hall

11.30 am Morning Prayer Ross Cathedral

All other Services are cancelled.

Templebreedy Group (Crosshaven and Nohoval)

All Services are cancelled.

Youghal Union of Parishes

All Services are cancelled as the priest who was due to travel to take Services is snow bound.

This list will be updated as further information is received: please check back and refresh your browser.

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Carrigaline Schoolchildren show St Valentine’s Day Love with Annual Food Collection for Charity

For the fourth year now, the children from St Mary’s Church of Ireland School, Carrigaline, County Cork have collected non-perishable food and cleaning items for the well known local charity –  Cork Penny Dinners.

A St Valentine’s Day delivery to Cork Penny Dinners – Little Hanover Street, Cork

The idea is to  ‘Love your Neighbour for St Valentine’s Day’ and the children know that some of their neighbours who are experiencing hard times use the wonderful facility that is Cork Penny Dinners in Little Hanover Street, Cork.

Rowland Newenham with the children’s gifts

Each child in the school brings in something from home; a tin of beans, a packet of soup, toilet rolls, washing up liquid etc. These are piled up on the stage in the Canon McCrea Hall in the school until they are gathered up during the midterm break by the Rector, the Revd Elaine Murray. A parishioner, Rowland Newenham, very kindly loads up his van and drives into Cork City with all the goods. The volunteers who work in Penny Dinners are always delighted to see the full van arriving and complain that they haven’t enough room to store everything!

A van full of gifts from the school children of Carrigaline

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Lent Programmes under way in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

Yesterday, Wednesday 14th February, was the first day of Lent.  Services to mark Ash Wednesday were held throughout the Diocese, many of them incorporating the imposition of ashes for those who wished to receive them.

In Lent this this year, parishioners in Douglas Union with Frankfield are being encouraged to observe Lent by using the #LiveLent – Let your light shine programme. While it has been devised and promoted by the Church of England, it is applicable to our church context. The daily readings take the follower on a journey through the Gospel of John, offering a pause for reflection, a prayer and a challenge to act.

In addition, in Douglas Union with Frankfield, each week there will be an opportunity for people to come together to do the #LiveLent course. The parish clergy will host these meetings on Tuesday evenings and there will also be meetings on Friday mornings in the Canon Packham Hall. For those with smartphones, the daily reading and reflection is available by downloading the App for Android and iOS. E-mail and text signups are also available. Archdeacon Adrian Wilkinson says:

Our prayer is that these resources will help us individually and our parish community to walk the Lent journey and bring us all closer to Jesus, who offers abundant life to all who journey with him.

On 10th March a Men’s Breakfast for the parish will be held in Bull McCabes Bar and Restaurant on Airport Hill at 9.00am. The guest speaker will be John Creedon from RTE. Admission is by ticket only and they are available through the parish at €12.50 each.

During the six Thursday evenings in Lent, Ballydehob Union, will be exploring the Healing stories in the Gospels. Each meeting will look at a different passage from the Scripture that invites all, choosing to live in a relationship with God, into the discipline of being transformed. Anyone, church goer or not, is welcome to attend.

A series of 5 meetings, led by the Reverend Walter Hill, will be held in parishioners houses around Fermoy Union on each of the Wednesdays in Lent.

Written by the Reverend Jack Kinkead, the Reverend Lesley Robinson, Mr Philip McKinley, Canon Paul Houston and Mr David Ritchie, the Bible Association of the Church of Ireland Lenten Studies will be followed on Wednesday evenings in the Parish Hall in Carrigaline Union. Based on the 5 Anglican Marks of Mission, this year’s theme is entitled “As the Father sent me, so I send you” (John:20.21). The five studies focus, in turn, on the TELL, TEACH, TEND, TRANSFORM,TREASURE aspects of mission, moving from the teaching and pastoral care required after initial conversion to the wider social and environmental challenges of the Gospel.

This Lenten study will also be used in Cloyne Union each Thursday evening at 8pm in Midleton Parish Hall beginning on 22nd February.

A Bible Study course entitled ‘On the Third Day’ will take place each Wednesday evening beginning on the 28th in Templebreedy Rectory at 7.30pm.

On the 2nd March there will be a World Day of Prayer Service at 8pm in Sacred Heart Church, Minane Bridge. The theme is ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good’ and the service comes from the people of Surinam. There will also be a Service on this day in the Youghal Methodist Church at 7.30pm.

In St Brendan’s Church, Bantry, there is a Service of Wholeness and Healing each Wednesday morning during Lent at 11.30am.

On each Lenten Wednesday in Kinneigh Union there will be a meeting beginning at 8pm in St Paul’s Hall, Ballymoney following a course devised by Churches together in Britain and Ireland. Each evening will finish with Compline.

Lent Groups will be held on Wednesdays at 8.30pm in the Cathedral Hall, Rosscarbery and will be looking at some of the issues raised by the report produced at the end of the first phase of Charting a Future with Confidence.

A Lenten Recital Series will take place in St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork which will feature the formal launch of a new recording of the Cathedral Organ entitled Grande Symphonie, performed by David Leigh, Assistant Organist of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin. This takes place in the Cathedral on Thursday 22nd February at 6.30pm during which Mr Leigh will give a recital featuring some of the pieces from the CD.

The full Lenten Recital Series programme is available on the Cathedral Website – Click Here

Sunday early Communion and mid-week Communion services in Kinsale Union will use the traditional (more penitential) form and after all Sunday Services in Lent there will be an opportunity to make a donation to Marymount Hospice as part of the Union’s Lenten Giving Plan. There is also a Plan for Reading the Gospel of Mark on each day of Lent for individuals to take/use as required.

St Anne’s, Shandon, will hold a Lent reflection evening in the Rectory on Tuesday 20th February at 7pm.

On Saturday 17th February at 9.15am Kingdom Men Cork will be held at Carrigrohane Parish Centre. This men’s breakfast is about inspiring men to connect with God and live a life that proclaims and demonstrates God’s Kingdom to those around us. The Speaker will be the Reverend Kingsley Sutton and Worship will be lead by James Russell from Willowfield Church, Belfast.

Every Wednesday in Lent there will be a ‘Praise & Wonder’ event in Kilgarriffe Church at 8:30pm. The evenings will have extended times of praise and prayer with a thought for the day. It will have a Service of the Word structure.

Abbeystrewry Church will host the Diocesan Music Scheme on Saturday 24th March. Singers from around West Cork and the wider Diocese will come together to practice and perform The Crucifixion by Stainer. During the season of Lent there will be a series of Christian Meditations on Wednesday evenings at 8.30pm in St Mary’s Hall, Caheragh. This will be a time of reflection and silent prayer where there will also be an introduction to the ancient Christian Art of Meditation.

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