Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocesan ‘Synod in 30 minutes’ 2021

This year’s Diocesan Synod of the United Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross is again held online on Saturday 27th November. 

Like last year, we would much prefer to gather and meet in person, but considering current circumstances, a brief functional meeting online appears to be the safest course of action again. 

Until this meeting takes place, you can watch this year’s ‘Synod in 30 minutes’ today or in the coming days to catch up with what has been happening throughout the Diocese during this past year. 

To view the 2021 Diocesan ‘Synod’ click


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New Junior Lay Vicars Choral for St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork

Since the beginning of November the choristers of St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Choir have been back in action, having waited for the guidelines to allow this for several months. In addition to this, a new group of Junior Lay Vicars Choral has been formed.

The new Junior Lay Vicars Choral together with their Director of Music Peter Stobart (right) and their Assistant Director of Music Robbie Carroll (left)

Peter Stobart, Director of Music at the Cathedral, writes:

As usual the choristers are singing as groups of boys and girls but in pods and distanced from the adult Lay Vicars Choral. Happily there are some new recruits, and those who were new at the beginning of 2020 have now got the opportunity to sing properly and develop their voices under relatively normal circumstances.

A large number of boys underwent changes to their voices over the lockdown period and they have now emerged as either tenors or basses. They are singing under the title of Junior Lay Vicars Choral and are enjoying getting to grips with the new challenge of singing in these new voice parts.

While this is extremely positive, a large hole has been left in the numbers of younger boys and so recruitment in that area has been vital. The new girls and boys have been enjoying learning how to process properly, how to hold their folders and juggle all of the various pieces of paper contained within them, as well as tackling the singing itself.

The boy choristers with the Director of Music

Because of the logistics of distancing, both boys and girls are singing at Evensong services, with the girls on Fridays and the boys on Sunday afternoons. The adult Lay Vicars Choral and Junior Lay Vicars sing at the Sunday morning Choral Eucharist and this is unlikely to change over the next few months. 

The girl choristers in the choir stalls
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Remembrance Sunday in Cobh and Glanmire Union of Parishes

On 14th November, a Liturgy for Remembrance Sunday was held in in Christ Church, Rushbrooke, Cobh. Various veterans’ groups were in attendance with standards, including the Cobh Branch of ONE, the Royal British Legion, the Military Police Association, the Royal Naval Association, and the Royal Air Force Association. Mr Mick McCarthy, Branch President of Cobh ONE, laid the wreath at the church’s war memorial as a part of the service.

Christ Church, Rushbrooke on Remembrance Sunday 2021

The Rector of Cobh and Glanmire Union of Parishes, the Revd Paul Arbuthnot, officiated at the service, and commented:

Remembrance Sunday is a poignant day in Cobh with the historic links that this parish has with the Royal Navy. We gathered to mourn those who perished in conflict and to commend them to the mercy and protection of God. We give thanks to God for their lives and acts of self sacrifice in the hope of a better tomorrow. We also pray for peace and understanding among all people so that such war may never happen again.

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Final Service for Dean Chris Peters

On Sunday, 31st October 2021, The Very Rev. Chris Peters took his final service as Dean of Ross in St Fachtna’s Cathedral, Rosscarbery, before entering retirement on the following Monday.

The Very Rev. Chris Peters with his family (l.-r.): Hugh, Alex, Judy, Chris, Orla (daughter in law) and Nick

Cindy Kingston, member of the Vestry in Rosscarbery, writes:

At the end of the service Dean Peters was presented with a watch and a wallet containing a monetary gift, while his wife Judy was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a voucher. The service was live streamed and speeches were made to Dean Peters and Judy to acknowledge all the work they have carried out in the parish in the past 23 years, and to thank them and wish them well for the future.

Dean Peters and his wife Judy being presented with their gifts

Speeches were made by Noel Jennings, Averil Cooke and John C.R. Buttimer. Matthew O’Regan, Eric Appelbe and Alice Appelbe presented Judy with her gifts, while Dean Peters was presented with his gifts by Ann Buttimer and Vicky O’Regan. Speeches were MC’ed by Averil Allshire-Howe.

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West Cork Secret Halloween Event

On the 29th October, Diocesan Youth Officer Hilda Connolly took a group of young people from across the diocese to Kilbrittain to visit the renowned West Cork Secret Halloween Trail.

Some of the young people at the West Cork Secret Horror Trail

Hilda said:

The walk from the carpark to the main building was a challenge as you are greeted by a few interesting characters along the path in the dark. The teens were broken up into groups of six and were sent on their merry way out around the gardens to be terrorised! Plenty of screaming and laughter was heard around the grounds. It was another successful trip!

Some members of the group having refreshments
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