Priest ordained in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

On Wednesday, 8th September 2021 Pat Culleton was ordained priest by the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Dr Paul Colton. The Ordination Service took place in St Peter’s Church, Bandon Union of Parishes, where Pat has been ordained Priest into Ordained Local Ministry. In line with the current guidelines there were limits on attendance, but the congregation included Pat’s family and friends, and members of the parish. 

The Rev. Pat Culleton and Bishop Colton

In his sermon Bishop Colton said that, in addition to the routine and rhythm of the ‘normal’ in priestly ministry, there is predominantly the unexpected and lots of surprises.

He said:

The ministry has its routines and so it should. As disciples we follow a discipline and a rule of life – things that are common to each day.  Things that you are going to promise to do as a Priest when I put the questions to you.  My overriding sense, however, is that ministry takes unexpected turns – joys and opportunities, challenges and disappointments, beautiful art and blank walls, and many alternatives – and all of us in ministry need to be ready for that – in every pastoral encounter, in each engagement with Scripture – most especially in our reading and study of those passages we think we are already familiar with – in our sacramental ministrations, in God’s on-going revelation to us of grace, of faith, hope and love.

Bishop Colton during his sermon

Being the Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bishop Colton said:

One of those who, more than most, illustrates what I am trying to say is the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose birth we celebrate today.  The scriptures are full of people who, like her, are confronted by God with unexpected demands and asked to go to places they never imagined they would ever go, to do things they didn’t think they could do. As you are ordained this evening, her response to God and her example should inspire you and all of us in ministry.

The Right Rev. Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Rev. Pat Culleton and the Rev. Anne Skuse (Bishop’s Chaplain)

Pat is being ordained Priest into Ordained Local Ministry to serve in Bandon Union of Parishes. He has formerly been a Lay Pastoral Assistant and a Diocesan Reader in the Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross for a number of years prior to his going on to study for ordained ministry. Until his retirement ten years ago, Pat served as Chief Technician with Cork County Council (Western Division) after completing forty years of service. Before this, Pat joined the Army Apprentice Scheme as a ‘boy soldier’ and served his time qualifying as a carpenter and joiner.  During his period of nine years of army service, he served a tour of duty with the 7th Irish Infantry Group, United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus.

The Rev. Pat Culleton
The Rev. Pat Culleton and his family
The Rev. Pat Culleton, newly ordained priest, the Rev. Anne Skuse (Bishop’s chaplain), the Ven. Adrian Wilkinson, Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Right Rev. Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Rev. Carole Pound, the Rev. Denis MacCarthy (Rector of Bandon Union)
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New Choir and Open Garden Party in Moviddy Union

On Saturday 21st August, Moviddy Union of Parishes held a Open Garden barbecue and cake sale as a fundraiser for the parish at the gardens of the Hathaway and Nicholls families. A number of activities, such as Fair Door painting and Giant Jenga kept attendants of ages busy throughout the day. 

Ivy Dennis selling homemade cakes

The Rev. David Bowles said: 

Many thanks to all who helped out and joined us for our first parish event in a long time! The weather was fantastic and there were activities for all ages. A special thanks to the Nicholls & Hathaways for opening up there beautiful home to us. We had a wonderful turnout and everyone enjoyed the day thoroughly!

Colin and Angela Nicholls and PJ and Sarah Hathaway

Moviddy Union have also started a choir over the past weeks. Colin Nicholls, organist in the parish and former Director of Music at St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, is running the newly established group. Approximately fifteen singers have been attending the first rehearsals. They will be singing for the first time at the Harvest Festival Service and on special occasions thereafter. 

The Rev. David Bowles said: 

It is thought to be the first choir in living memory and I am very proud that we are starting this tradition now. 

Colin Nicholls leading the choir rehearsal

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Two Deacons ordained in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

On Sunday 5th September 2021, two people from the United Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross in the Church of Ireland were ordained deacon by Bishop Paul Colton: Carole Pound in Abbeystrewry Church, Skibbereen, and Richard Dring in St Mary the Virgin Church, Carrigaline.

On both occasions there were strict limits on attendance in line with current regulations. Nonetheless, the congregations were representative of the family and friends of the candidates and of the parishes in which they were being ordained into local ministry. In the Church of Ireland, Ordained Local Ministry is about valuing the locality and empowering the local congregation. 

(l.-r.) The Rev. Pat Culleton, the Rev. Carole Pound, newly ordained Deacon, the Ven. Adrian Wilkinson, Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Right Rev. Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Rev. Anne Skuse (Bishop’s Chaplain), and the Rev. John Ardis (Rector of Abbeystrewry Union)

In his sermon, Bishop Colton spoke about the uncomfortable encounter in the Gospel reading between two disciples who were arguing about which of them was the greater of the two, and he asked, in the light of that, what it is to be a Deacon in today’s Church and world. 

‘As so often happens in today’s Church and world’ the Bishop said ‘the disciples had failed completely to grasp the meaning of Jesus’ teaching.’ Pointing to the words of Jesus who said ‘whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be slave of all’ Bishop Colton said that service is the model for not only deacons, but also for priests, bishops and all Christian ministry. In particular, drawing on his studies of Roman Law, the Bishop said that he wrestled with what Jesus meant when he said that we must be ‘slave of all.’

The Bishop said:

These are uncomfortable words in an abusive world – a world of passive aggression, where words are weaponised as tweets and social media comments, where all of us have an overriding sense of entitlement and our rights, where, quite rightly, we are called also to prioritise also our God-given well-being, where people do sadly make doormats of others, and where we have the hardest of heart-breaking choices to make – who to bring, who to save, and who to leave behind – just one example.

And it is in that place we are all called to show what it means, as a follower of Jesus, what it means to serve, to be a servant … ‘whoever wishes to be first among you must be slave of all.’

(l.-r.) The Ven. Adrian Wilkinson, Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Rev. Richard Dring, newly ordained Deacon, the Rev. Elaine Murray (Rector of Carrigaline Union), the Right Rev. Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Rev. Paul Arbuthnot (Bishop’s Chaplain), and the Rev. Pat Culleton

Carole (58) was born and raised in Essex, England. She qualified as a veterinary nurse through the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Cambridge University. She worked in a small animal and exotic species practice as head nurse for 15 years before moving to Dorset to live on her husband’s families’ dairy farm.

Carole and her family moved to Ireland in 2001 where she retrained in childcare and worked as a playleader in Caheragh Community Playgroup and then in Bright Beginnings Childcare Facility. Recently, Carole achieved a qualification in E-Business and now works as a bookkeeper in the accounts department of a solicitors in Bantry.

Carole is married to Philip, a fine arts/commercial photographer, and they have two children, Christine (23) and Michael (20). Carole is a valued member of the local community and has been involved in the Defibrillator and Active Retirement Groups since 2009. Her position as Church Warden in St Mary’s, Caheragh strengthened her calling to serve first as Diocesan Reader and now to Ordained Local Ministry.

The Rev. Carole Pound with her family, husband Phil Pound, and their children Christine and Michael

Richard is married to Hilary and they have two adult children, Simon and Christina. They live in Currabinny, in the parish of St Mary, Carrigaline. Richard has lived in Carrigaline Union for most of his life having grown up in Ballygarvan, in Kilanully parish. He has always sensed a calling from the wider Church, having been very involved in the Church of Ireland Youth Council, both locally and nationally, and served for two years as all-Ireland chair in the early 1980s.

During this time he was always involved in Carrigaline Union: in both the worship and the organisation of the parish. He was encouraged by the Rev. Arthur Houston to study and undertake the role of Diocesan Lay Reader. He was licensed as a Reader in January 2001 by Bishop Paul in Carrigaline.

Richard has a primary degree in biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin and a Masters in Food Chemistry from University College, Cork. His working career has been in Carrigaline, currently for the Kerry group, where he has a global role as a senior process science manager. This is a technical role supporting sites in Europe, Canada and the United States of America.

The Rev. Richard Dring with his family, wife Hilary Dring, and their children Simon and Christina

For further information about Carole’s ordination on Sunday morning please contact the Rev. John Ardis (028) 21234

For further information about Richard’s ordination on Sunday afternoon please contact the Rev. Elaine Murray (021) 437 2224

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Day out for Cork Diocesan Youth Council

In this week’s episode of “People and Places” we join the Diocesan Youth Officer Hilda Connolly on a day out with teenagers from across the Diocese at Foot Golf Cork. The group met with Hilda, the Rev. Cliff Jeffers, the Rev. David Bowles, and youth leader Clodagh Moloney, who are all members of the Cork Diocesan Youth Council.

It was a fabulous way for the teenagers to relax after their first week back at school!

Hilda Connolly

Watch the video here to get a sense of what our Diocesan Youth Council does.

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Zipit Forest Adventure for Confirmation Candidates of Templebreedy Union

Like many other Confirmation Groups, the Templebreedy Candidates had mostly met via Zoom over the course of the last year. They planned a summer gathering when restrictions would allow, and to that end they met on Saturday the 28th of August at Farren Wood Zipit Forest Adventure.  

Templebreedy Confirmation Candidates at Farren Wood Zipit Forest Adventure

The Rev. Isobel Jackson said: 

They were delighted to be outside and together doing something really fun. It was a wonderful team building exercise, and a real exercise in faith; those ropes are high! 

The outing ended with a home brought picnic in the surrounding woods. The group is looking forward to their next gathering on their Confirmation Day later this month.

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