Cork Choristers Unite Online to Sing remotely from their Homes

In the midst of the fearfulness and isolation brought about by the CoronaVirus pandemic we all need to find ways to connect, to keep things going, and to lift our spirits.

The choristers of Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork, were gathered remotely to sing Magnificat from their own homes by Director of Music, Peter Stobart.

Peter Stobart explains:

As it was clear that the choristers of St Fin Barre’s Cathedral would not be returning to the Cathedral for some time, I decided to try and pull them together in their own home and create something a little different. I knew that the boys had always enjoyed singing Stanford’s Magnificat in B flat and indeed were quite capable of doing so from memory. I asked them to record a complete version of the piece and to sing along to a pre recorded organ track which Robbie Carroll (our Assistant Director of Music) played on the cathedral organ. This would ensure that the tempo would be the same throughout, but the individual recordings were made with the boys listening to the track through headphones.

I selected the best lines and put them together in the form of a collage, being mindful to give everyone a fair portion of video time, even some of the very youngest boys who did not know the piece so well. Not being technically minded, I was fearful that editing 37 snippets of video would take an age but a very handy phone app. came to my rescue and it was really quite straightforward in the end!

The boys are delighted with the results and the next project is to do the same with the girl choristers. The two groups tend to sing very different repertoire so it was never going to be possible to include them in the same video unfortunately.

Here is the result:

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Cork Parish Sends Gifts to Children in the Parish Kids’ Group and the Lord’s Prayer by Poster for us All

In the Carrigrohane Union of Parishes in Cork City, the leaders of their Adventurers (the kids’ group in the parish) each used old VCR (video cassette recorder) cases at home to make ‘Adventurers in a box’  to send to each individual child in the group.

Putting the old VCR cases to good use.

Each box included a special letter, treats and activities for each individual child.They were all delivered (before the lockdown last night)!

One of the filled VCR cases.

The leaders have had lovely pictures and feedback.

The leaders plan to follow this up each with with another letter and activity suggestions at home which they are sending to parents via a WhatsApp group.

This Sunday in the parish on-line service the Lord’s Prayer posters – prepared for Adventurers ready for The Carraig Centre – will be used.  Here is the Lord’s Prayer using their posters:


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Continuing Ministerial Education on ZOOM in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

One of the characteristics of the present times is that everyone is learning new skills and discovering the wonders of easily accessible modern technologies.

On Friday afternoon, 27th March a group of interested clergy gathered on ZOOM with their Bishop, Dr Paul Colton, to chat about some of the opportunities and challenges that arise when broadcasting the liturgy.  Bishop Colton dug deep into the recesses of his memory from the training sessions he used to host in the 1990s when he was Coordinator of Religious Programmes involving the Protestant Churches at RTE.

A motley group of clergy from Cork, Cloyne and Ross who joined their Bishop for CME about broadcasting Church Services.

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Sunday 29th March ~ Sunday Worship in Cork, Cloyne and Ross and other options

While church buildings are closed at the moment, worship continues in our homes, parishes and chaplaincies.

In many parishes, materials are being sent directly to parishioners by email and, in some cases, by post.  This includes information received to date from: Douglas Union with Frankfield, Ross Union, Kinsale Union, and Templebreedy Group.

For information about your own area please contact the local clergy HERE

Some parishes are sending out activity sheets for children of Sunday School age.

The Service from Kilgariffe Union will be available as a podcast after Sunday Morning (along with links to podcasts of Services on earlier dates) HERE

Bishop Colton said:

Thank you to everyone.  People, lay and ordained, are going to extraordinary and imaginative lengths, to be the Church.  In these difficult times we are discovering that the Church is not, in fact, our buildings which now, of necessity, are closed.  It is the people of God responding in faith, hope and love, in worship and prayer, and in loving service to one another, to the needs of people around them and further afield.

This Sunday – 29th March 2020:

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork will broadcast.  You can find worship there:

  • via the link on the Cathedral Website. CLICK HERE
  • The link will also be announced by the Cathedral on both Facebook and Twitter

Other Services from around the Diocese:

09.15 a.m.  A Service from the Chapel of Christ the Healer CUH on CUH102FM. HERE

10.15 a.m.  Church of Saint Anne, Shandon. Youtube Channel HERE

10.30 a.m.  Cloyne Union on their Facebook Page HERE

11 a.m.  Carrigaline Union of Parishes HERE

11 a.m. Carrigrohane Union of Parishes HERE

11 a.m.  Fanlobbus will live stream on their Facebook Page HERE

11 a.m. Youghal will live stream on their Facebook Page. HERE

Sunday Worship is also broadcast on radio and television

Some suggestions:

8.10 a.m. BBC Radio 4. Online HERE

09.15 a.m.  A Service from the Chapel of Christ the Healer CUH on CUH102FM. HERE

11.oo a.m.  Morning Prayer will be broadcast on RTE One Television

11.00 a.m.  Morning Prayer on RTE Radio One Extra.

For those who have online access or have an internet radio:

Choral Evensong is on BBC Radio Three HERE at

3.30 p..m. on Wednesdays


3.00 p.m. on. Sundays

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Cork Diocesan Youth Council Hosts its Annual Table Quiz Online

On Friday, 27th March 2020 Cork Diocesan Youth Council are bringing their usual annual Table Quiz to you on-line this year!

This will be a private event…everyone “attending” will be approved by Diocesan Youth Officer Hilda Connolly before being admitted.

Parents or guardians who would like their teen to partake, should reply please to Hilda at with a quick email to say that you consent to your son/daughter partaking in this on-line private CDYC Quiz on Friday 27th March 2020.

You will then be sent a link to the ZOOM app.

The Quiz will take place using the ZOOM app.  You will need to download the ZOOM app prior to the event. A laptop or tablet would be best but a phone can be used too.

On Friday evening around 7pm click on the link you have been sent in order to gain access.

Once everyone is in, they will be able to see everyone else who will be taking part.
At this point, the rules will be explained before starting.

Hilda says ‘See you all there!’

Hilda Connolly, Diocesan Youth Officer.

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Publication of Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocesan Magazine Suspended for the Time Being

The following communication has been received by the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocesan Magazine Committee announcing that publication of the magazine will be suspended for the time-being:

‘As a result of the ongoing CONVID-19 virus it has been decided by the above committee that the April 2020 Magazine will not be issued until the current crisis is over.

We have discussed this at length and feel in-view of the current Government guidelines where premises are closed (including churches) and non-essential journeys are discouraged, our line of distribution is broken, and distributing the Magazine has become impossible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will issue the April Magazine as soon as we can in line with Government guidelines.

We would ask you to advise your Parish Distributors of this Notice (we cannot do this directly as in line with GDPR regulations we do not have access to e-mail addresses nor mobile numbers for distributors)

Please stay safe and thanks again for your help and understanding.

Signed on behalf of the Magazine Committee

Norman Singleton’

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Young People from Cork, Cloyne and Ross ask Questions ~ Food for thought

One of the sessions with the young people at the annual Confirmation Morning with the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross at the start of March, involved a card game and putting together posters of questions about the world, faith and life.

The session for the 80 young people in small groups was organised and hosted by Archdeacon Adrian Wilkinson and Mrs Jacqui Wilkinson.  Afterwards the poster questions were entrusted to the Bishop, Dr Paul Colton.

One of the posters from the Confirmation Morning with the Bishop in Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Bishop Colton said:

These 80 young people are asking the very questions we all ask, and they give us all food for thought.  Clearly there are some young philosophers and theologians in the making, but, more significantly, these are questions many have or have had at some point in their lives.

During these days at home of physical distancing I thought the questions of these young people, aged between 10 and 13 mainly, would be worth sharing with you.  I was encouraged that they are asking these questions and thinking about them.  As a community we also are challenged to think how we can support them on their journey of looking for answers.

Here are the questions which were asked (sorted under headings), and, in conclusion, some suggestions from the young people of Cork, Cloyne and Ross who are preparing for Confirmation this year:

The World

  • How was the world made?
  • Does God create all solar systems?
  • How can we help the world?
  • What started the Corona Virus?
  • Will everyone die from the Corona Virus?
  • Why is the world such a troubled place?
  • Why is there so much pollution?
  • Who started climate change?
  • Why is global warming a thing?
  • When did global warming start?
  • When will global warming stop?
  • How will people stop climate change?
  • Do you want to stop global warming?
  • Why do people ignore global warming?
  • What can we do to stop climate change?
  • When will earth die or end?
  • Why are fossil fuels so precious?
  • Why is population a thing?
  • Will a cure be found for COVID-19?

Big Questions

  • How long ago was the beginning?
  • What is the purpose of humanity?
  • How do you know God is real?
  • Are we evolved from monkeys?
  • What’s the most important thing about religion?
  • What would you change in the world?
  • What is the point of hate?
  • Why so much violence?
  • Why is there so much sickness?
  • Why is this world such a troubled place?
  • What would you change in the world?
  • Why are some people more fortunate than others even if they aren’t nice?
  • Is anybody living on Mars?
  • Will we be able to live on a different planet in the future?
  • If an alien came how would you describe earth?


  • Where did God come from?
  • Why does God not show himself?
  • How do I know God is real?
  • Does God have a surname?
  • What age is God?
  • How old is God?
  • How was the world made?
  • How did God create the world in seven days?
  • Why did God create the world?
  • How did God part the sea?
  • Can God have a wife?
  • Why is God a man?
  • Is God a woman or a man?
  • Why do we refer to God as a man?
  • What gender is God?
  • How powerful is God?
  • What does God like?
  • Why is God trying to kill us?
  • Are all the other gods fake?
  • Will God help people to destroy the planet?
  • God gave us this world for nothing so why are we so selfish?
  • Does God have a house other than a church?


  • Who is Jesus and what did he do?
  • Why is Jesus in our life?
  • What year did Jesus die?
  • How long was Jesus nailed on the cross before he died?


  • Who wrote the book of Genesis?

Heaven and Hell

  • What happens when you die?
  • How do I get to heaven?
  • What is it like in heaven or hell?
  • Is there such a thing as hell?
  • How is life in heaven?
  • What is heaven like?
  • What does heaven look like?
  • What happens in heaven?
  • How does heaven have so many people?
  • Is everyone in heaven good?
  • When will the world ned?
  • What is our last thought before we die?


  • Why are there so many homeless people?
  • Why do people have to bully each other?
  • Why are the rich and poor divided?


  • Recycle More!
  • Save the planet!
  • Unite together!
  • Don’t kill the earth!
  • Save the trees!
  • Care for the world!
  • Try not to use non-recyclable plastic
  • One small change can make a big impact!
  • Stop killing the earth?

The young people of Cork, Cloyne and Ross who have been preparing for Confirmation this Year.

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