Special School Assembly to Coincide with School Climate Strike

One way in which a primary school in the Church of Ireland Diocese of Cork marked the Climate Strike on recent Fridays was to hold a special assembly to coincide with the events worldwide.

Climate Strike Assembly at St Mary’s Church of Ireland National School, Carrigaline, County Cork.

The children of St Mary’s Church of Ireland School, Carrigaline made some very effective posters for their Climate Strike Assembly.

Some of the homework the children were given was to listen carefully to news reports of the Climate Strikes in Cork and other Cities in Ireland and Globally and report back the new back to the rector, Canon Elaine Murray  on the numbers of people who marched for our Climate.

Green Flag at St Mary’s Church of Ireland National School, Carrigaline, County Cork.


Some of the posters have been on display in St Mary’s Church. The Green Flag St Mary’s School and the  Eco Congregation parish of Carrigaline Union try and highlight environmental issues together whenever possible.

Climate Strike Assembly at St Mary’s Church of Ireland National School, Carrigaline, County Cork.


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Bishop Paul Colton sends warm greetings to the new Bishop of Borgå (Porvoo), Church of Finland

The Bishop of Cork, the Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton, has sent warm greetings on behalf of himself and everyone in Cork, Cloyne and Ross to the new Bishop of Borgå (Porvoo), in the Church of Finland – the Right Reverend Bo-Göran Åstrand – who was consecrated bishop today, Sunday 29th September.

Bishop Bo-Göran Åstrand

Bishop Colton was to have travelled to the Service of Consecration in Porvoo Cathedral in Finland today as a personal guest of the Diocese of Borgå and its new bishop but, due to ill-health, was unable to do so.

Bishop Colton said:

I first visited Porvoo and worshipped in the Cathedral there in 1992 when I was the Church of Ireland representative on the Porvoo Conversations to celebrate the agreement we had reached.  It has been wonderful to nurture the friendships and links created in the years since.  In 2002, I had the honour of preaching in the Cathedral to mark the tenth anniversary of the Porvoo Agreement. In 1999 the then Bishop of that Diocese, the Right Reverend Erik Vikström, took part in my own consecration as Bishop.

In recent years, Cork, Cloyne and Ross, at the invitation of Bishop Åstrand’s predecessor, Bishop Björn Vikstrom,  has been nurturing the relationships between our two parts of the worldwide Church, and of the Porvoo Communion of Churches in particular.  A representative group of clergy and lay people, led by their Bishop, visited Cork, Cloyne and Ross in 2016 and the following year it was a joy to lead a similar group from this Diocese to Finland.  Since then we have been looking at a number of options to broaden the link, including among the young people of the dioceses, and church musicians.

I am sorry not to be able to be present in Porvoo today in person, but have been praying at home for the Diocese and its new Bishop, and I send my prayerful good wishes and warmest greetings.

The Diocese of Borgå (Porvoo in Finnish) is a Diocese, not formed on a geographical basis in Finland, of the Swedish speaking minority in that country.  It is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Photographed following his consecration as bishop on the left is Bishop Bo-Göran Åstrand, Bishop of Borgå/Porvoo. 


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Appointment to Saint Anne’s, Shandon and Saint Luke’s Home in Cork

The Bishop of Cork, the Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton, is delighted to announce that he has appointed the Reverend Paul Robinson, Rector of the United Benefice of Halsall, Lydiate and Downholland in the Diocese of Liverpool, Church of England, to be the new Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Saint Anne’s, Shandon, and also Chaplain to Saint Luke’s Home in Cork.

Bishop Colton said:

I was aware for some time that the Reverend Paul Robinson was testing a vocation to come to work in the Church of Ireland and am delighted that he has accepted my appointment to Saint Anne’s Shandon, and to Saint Luke’s Home.  Both are important parts of our ministry in this Diocese in general and in the City of Cork in particular.  In several years, Saint Luke’s Home will be celebrating its 150th anniversary of caring for older people and people with dementia in this region.  Saint Anne’s Shandon, with its famous bells, is a worldwide icon for Cork people and visitors to Cork.  It will be celebrating 300 years between 2022 and 2026.  Paul is an experienced priest and will be a great asset in this Diocese.

The Reverend Paul Robinson was born and brought up in Manchester and after a short time working in Liverpool as a local government officer rehousing homeless families, he trained for the ministry at St Stephen’s House Oxford, returning to Liverpool to be ordained in 1997. During his training he spent some time at St Columba’s Hospice in Edinburgh as part of his formation. He spent his curacy at St Thomas the Martyr Upholland near Wigan after which, in 2001, he was appointed as Vicar of Lydiate, a large suburban parish in the Diocese of Liverpool. In 2007 Paul was appointed as Rector of the United Benefice of Halsall, Lydiate and Downholland in the same diocese leading a large team of assistant clergy and licensed layworkers. He has extensive experience working in church schools, both on governing bodies and taking a lead in the formation of children’s Christian education through worship and teaching; he has contributed to a number of Youth Pilgrimages run at Walsingham in Norfolk and continues to sit as a member of The Board of Education in the Diocese of Liverpool.

His move to the Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross comes as something of a fulfilment, as Paul began to discern a few years ago, the possibility of a ministry in The Church of Ireland. Feeling that God has been ‘pulling at his sleeve’ Paul writes:

I am utterly delighted to have been appointed to this exciting role as I face the challenge of becoming the Priest in Charge of St Anne’s Shandon and Chaplain at St Luke’s Home, Mahon. I feel humbled that Bishop Paul has encouraged me to take up this wonderful opportunity. I am greatly looking forward to working with the good people of St Anne’s in promoting the Gospel in the context of such a vibrant city centre and helping to journey with the communities at St Luke’s Home, residents and staff, in maintaining it as a place of welcome, care and hospitality.

The Bishop hopes to introduce Paul to the Parish and Chaplaincy and to licence him on Sunday, 19th January 2o2o at 4 p.m. in Saint Anne’s Church, Shandon.

The Reverend Paul Robinson

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‘Peace Banner’ Workshop in Cork, Cloyne and Ross – the Photos!

Here are the photos taken by photographer Jim Coughlan at The Cork, Cloyne and Ross Children’s Ministry Group Peace Banner Workshop on Saturday, 21st September.

You can read a full report of the event HERE

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‘Peace Banner’ Workshop in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The Cork, Cloyne and Ross Children’s Ministry Group organised a ‘Peace Banner’ Workshop in Northridge House Education Centre at Saint Luke’s Home, Cork on Saturday last 21st September.

Peace Banner Workshop – Canon Elaine Murray.
Picture: Jim Coughlan.

Each parish and school in the Diocese were asked by the Bishop to send two representatives to the workshop which was coordinated by Canon Elaine Murray. Thank you to the Sunday School Society Ireland (SSSI) Disestablishment Diocesan Grant Scheme 2019 for their partial funding for this diocesan event.

Peace Banner Workshop
Picture: Jim Coughlan.

A dedicated team of 15 people under the direction of Noeleen Hogan, an experienced Banner Maker, prepared materials for 46 Banners in the morning ahead of everyone’s arrival at 2pm.

Peace Banner Workshop – Hard at Work
Picture: Jim Coughlan.

After a couple of hours hard work and fun  23 Schools (out of 24 schools) and 22 Parishes (out of 24 Parishes) headed for home with their very own Peace Banner.

Peace Banner Workshop
Picture: Jim Coughlan.

All banners have a backing colour of ‘United Nations’ Blue.  The wording on the school banner us ‘Teach Peace’ along with a Dove, while the parish church banner has a design of a lighting Candle and the word ‘Peace’.

Peace Banner Workshop
Picture: Jim Coughlan.

These Banners may now, if desired,  be customised locally to reflect the uniqueness of each parish and school.

Peace Banner Workshop
Picture: Jim Coughlan.

The banners will be used at diocesan events in the coming three years of marking major centenaries in the Diocese, for instance the end of the War of Independence, the end of the Civil War, as part of the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Centenaries Commemoration and Reconciliation Project.

The full gallery of photographs from the day taken by photographer Jim Coughlan will follow.

Peace Banner Workshop
Picture: Jim Coughlan.

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Memorial Dedicated to Faithful Church Worker in County Cork Church of Ireland Parish

Last Sunday 22nd September, in the Church of Saint Lappan, Little Island, County Cork a memorial to Betty Haynes was dedicated during the Sunday Eucharist.

Betty was a much loved member of the parish community who dedicated much of her life to the well being and benefit of the parish. Her husband Bobby is the sexton at Saint Lappan’s.

Having dedicated the memorial, the Reverend Paul Arbuthnot, Rector of Cobh and Glanmire Union of Parishes commented:

This is a fitting tribute to Betty who was, and is still much loved by the parish community. In this memorial, we are reminded that she is very much a part of the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, and who surround us on our earthly pilgrimage. We are indebted to those members of the Select Vestry who brought this memorial to fruition. We also remember with deep gratitude and affection the late Reverend Adrian Moran who did so much to make this happen.

Betty’s husband, Bobby Haynes at the memorial with the Reverend Paul Arbuthnot.

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Cork Diocesan Youth Council spends weekend on Cape Clear

Recently Cork Diocesan Youth Council (CDYC) took a group of 22 young people and leaders to Cape Clear Island for the weekend. The weather was amazing, the group were so much fun.  They were joined by Simon Henry from the Church of Ireland Youth Department (CIYD), all the way from the North.

Simon Henry and Judy Peters on Cape Clear.

There were lots of adventures: snorkling, kayaking, a long walk in the fog for Sunday morning service in Irish, in fact there were lots of very long walks with Judy Peters at the front guiding the group. Google maps didn’t work though as reception is poor on the island, so everyone had to trust the tour guide!  Simon held workshops on the topic of Jesus Matters.

CDYC getting ready for snorkling off Cape Clear, the most southerly part of the Church of Ireland.

There was a fancy-dress quiz on Saturday evening as well.  Everyone had to dress up as their favourite thing and strut their stuff on the “catwalk”. Music was provided by the in house DJ Daragh! Even Simon “Cowell” flew in especially to judge the competition!

Enjoying Cape Clear – island life.


The weekend was finished off on Sunday with a boat trip out to the Fastnet lighthouse.
All in all it was just an AMAZING weekend.

An amazing weekend for Cork youth on Cape Clear.

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