Christmas Carols take to the road

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Choir has recorded a selection of Christmas Carols which are to be played around Cork City in the run up to Christmas Day itself. The Cathedral is aware that many people will be missing out on their usual Christmas services and carol singing because of the ongoing restrictions, so for the second year running the singing will be brought to them. A lorry with a large LED screen has already started touring the city centre, and stopping at hospitals and nursing homes to ensure that those in need can hear the singing. This initiative is partly due to the stalwart efforts of the St Fin Barre’s Quarter Development Group and the generous support of Cork City Council through their Reimagine GLOW Christmas programme. 

Director of Music Peter Stobart said:

This is the second year that we have recorded carols, because there was such appreciative feedback last year. The sound of a choir singing carols is a central part of Christmas for almost everyone, and we feel that this is a small way that we can make a difference at this time of year.  

Carols in front of the Mercy Hospital with staff members. Photo: Eoin Murphy
Patients of CUH listening to the carols. Photo: Eoin Murphy
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