Clinical Pastoral Education Certificates presented in Cork

Northridge House Education and Research Centre, at Saint Luke’s Charity, Cork, hosted a celebration for the completion of its recent Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Programme on Wednesday 5th April.

Six students, from Cavan, Wicklow, Dublin, Kerry, Wexford and Cork, completed the 12 week programme. The programme was accredited by AICAB on St. Valentine’s Day – an internationally based process in tandem with a number of Irish professional bodies. The Centre was delighted to welcome Ms Pauline O’Dowd as Supervisor in Training.

The certificates were presented by Dr Paul Colton, Chairman of the Board of Directors of St Luke’s Charity, Cork. The Charity has supported CPE as part of its Outreach Programme for the last 9 years. Also in attendance were David O’Brien (CEO of St Luke’s Charity), staff of St Luke’s Home, course mentors and family members. Northridge House was delighted also to welcome Mr JA McNamara CEO of Cork University Hospital Group; the Centres at Cork University Hospital and Northridge House work closely together in training students for pastoral ministry.

At the CPE graduation were (l-r): David O’Brien (CEO St. Luke’s Charity and St Luke’s Home) , Bruce Pierce (Programme Director), Pauline O’Dowd (Supervisor in Training), Gabriel Kelly, Dr Paul Colton, Alex Morahan, David Bowles, Ruth Elmes, Richard Dowling, John Tanner, JA McNamara (CEO, Cork University Hospital Group)


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