An invitation to the people of Cork and especially to anyone named after our Patron Saint to visit St Fin Barre’s Cathedral to mark 1400 years since his death

Throughout next weekend there will be events at St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork (a full list is HERE) to commemorate the 1400th anniversary this year of the death of Saint Fin Barre of Cork, our patron saint. His patronal saint’s day is on 25th September every year.

On Saturday, 23rd September there is an open invitation to the people of Cork to make a visit to the Cathedral between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. just to drop in, or on a mini-pilgrimage to mark this 1400th anniversary, to say a prayer or light a candle, or, outside, to walk the Cathedral labyrinth.

There is a special invitation to anyone out there who bears the name of our patron saint, in whatever spelling or form, to come to the Cathedral and to receive a small commemorative gift (subject, of course, to our supply).

So if you are a Finbarr, Finbar, Finnbar, Finn Barre, Finbarre, Barry, Baz or Fionbarra etc we would love you to visit on this special occasion. If you can show us that you do carry his name we have that small commemorative gift for you and look forward to welcoming you.

The Dean of Cork, the Very Reverend Nigel Dunne says:

To share the name of Cork’s patron saint is, to my mind, something special. It makes the person part of a 1400 year old tradition which lies at the heart of our city’s foundation. We look forward to welcoming many Finbarrs/Finbars to the Cathedral to be part of our commemorative festival weekend along with anyone from Cork who would like to drop in to visit.

Carving of St Fin Barre on the Bishop’s Cathedra
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