Baroness Julia Neuberger preaches at Compline in Crookhaven

Last Sunday, 6th August 2023, Baroness Julia Neuberger was the preacher for the popular Compline Service at St Brendan’s Church, Crookhaven. Dame Julia read from and preached on the book of Deuteronomy, choosing the study for the day in the Jewish tradition.

Dame Julia Neuberger and the Rev. Terry Mitchell after Compline at St Brendan’s Church, Crookhaven on Sunday 6th, August 2023.

Next Sunday, 13th August, the Right Rev. Dr Richard Clarke, former Archbishop of Armagh, will preach in Crookhaven and following that are:

August 20th: Rev. Craig Philbrick
August 27th: Rev. Gary Philbrick

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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