Bishop of Cork appoints two additional Examining Chaplains

The Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton has announced this morning, 2nd August 2023, that he has appointed two additional Examining Chaplains. They are the Reverend Dr William Olhausen and the Reverend Terry Mitchell.

Examining chaplains assist the Bishop, the Archdeacon and the Diocesan Director of Ordinands in their work of testing vocations to ministry as well as in training and examining those who offer themselves for ministry, both ordained and lay. The role predates the setting up of many theological colleges and today works in partnership, on behalf of the Diocese, with, in the case of the Church of Ireland, the Church of Ireland Theological Institute., and also the local further education and continuing ministerial education programmes in the Diocese itself.

The Reverend Terry Mitchell is the Diocesan Further Education and Training Officer, based in Kilmoe Union of Parishes, and also, as Chaplain to the Guild of Lay Ministry in the Diocese, oversees and supports all those in lay ministry. The Reverend Dr William Olhausen is incumbent of Douglas Union of Parishes with Frankfield, was a barrister at law, and has particular academic interests in theology, especially, scripture and its interpretation – hermeneutics.

The Reverend Dr William Olhausen
The Reverend Terry Mitchell
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