New Representative for Children and Families Ministry in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The Rev. Isobel Jackson, Rector of Templebreedy Group of Parishes, has been appointed by Bishop Paul Colton as the new Children and Families Ministry Representative for the Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

The Rev. Isobel Jackson, Rector of Templebreedy and new Children and Families Ministry Representative in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The Church of Ireland Board for Ministry with Children and Families (CFM) exists to equip, resource and advocate for the increased welcome, enhanced inclusion, and full participation of children and their families in the whole life of the Church. Their vision is that every Church of Ireland parish, no matter how big or small, is equipped to provide vibrant and engaging ministry with children and families. The CFM representatives from each Diocese work together to promote, support and develop Children and Families ministry across the island of Ireland.

Upon her appointment, the Rev. Isobel Jackson said:

It has been a privilege to have been part of the Children’s Ministry Group in the diocese for the last eight years and I am excited about my appointment to this new responsibility. Working with children in schools and in parish ministry is one of the most rewarding ministries you could be involved in and also the most vital to the future of our parishes.

Our role as the children’s ministry group is to support and equip those in this ministry, linking in with the wider church network supporting children and families, where there is a larger resource.

The past two years have been a challenge. All ministries have experienced strain on many levels, and parishes are ‘beginning again’ in some respects, especially in children’s ministry. As a team, we want to know how best we can support the wonderfully gifted people who have been doing this work and have always been so committed in their time and energy, and we also would like to encourage others to join us.

Throughout the pandemic we saw people get creative and innovative in finding new ways to minister. To have seen this resilience fills me with hope and excitement for the future, and through prayer and practical help we look forward to empowering parishes to take the next steps in their children’s ministry. I am looking forward to seeing what we can do together to grow the Kingdom, through this vital ministry.

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