Mind-ing Mental Health – Launching the Cork, Cloyne and Ross programme for MindMatters CoI

MindMatters CoI is a three-year project aimed at promoting and supporting positive mental health within the Church of Ireland and the wider community. The Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross have launched a series of talks in support of this project, beginning with the keynote speaker Dr Chris Luke on the 3rd December. Dr Chris Luke’s topic will be Mind-ing Mental Health: our role and ourselves.

The Rev. Terry Mitchell, Diocesan Further Education and Training Officer, writes:

There is still a significant level of stigma in relation to mental health and these series of talks and discussions, in an informal setting, will help to address this issue. The talks will also help to provide the necessary information around mental health, for one’s own well being as well as supporting others.

After the initial launch on 3rd December 2022, the programme will continue early next year and follow a similar format of a guest speaker, sharing a meal together and a group discussion. Some of the topics planned for next year include mental health and bereavement, suicide, dementia, gender identity, migration, addiction, homelessness and supporting people with a disability.

It is hoped that participants will find these talks and discussions both informative and helpful, and we would like to encourage everyone to attend. We would also like to thank Victoria Trust Cork and MindMatters COI for their financial support for this important project.

Those who are interested in the event and would like to attend should please register via our event on Eventbrite.ie.

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