Prize Giving at Templebreedy National School

Doris Bryan, Principal of Templebreedy NS, writes:

Prize Giving is a very special event in our school year, attended by parents, family and friends. Our Prize Giving is not just about academic excellence. The focus is on our motto “To be my best and to do my best”. We celebrate example and effort and each child’s individual learning. Progress is rewarded, and every child gets a prize.

We also have some beautiful cups and shields which have been presented to the school over the years. Some of these are presented for progress and effort. Other characteristics that are awarded are kindness, enthusiasm, care of the environment and an award for the most promising student, as well as some hockey awards which are presented for progress and sportsmanship as well as exceptional skill.

This year everyone was entertained to a wonderful musical performance by the children, prepared and accompanied by Mr. Peter Stobart, and the prizes were presented by hockey coach Suzanne Black.

The pupils of 4th, 5th and 6th class performing “The Rhythm of Life”
The pupils of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class performing “The Lord bless you and keep you”.
Junior and Senior Infants performing a selection of songs.
Doris Bryan, Principal of Templebreedy NS, Mike Hodder, Board of Management Chair, and the Rev. Isobel Jackson, Rector of Templebreedy Union.
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