Response to Ukraine Crisis

The distressing and tragic reports from Ukraine during the past week have left the world shocked and heartbroken. There have been many calls for support and initiatives to express solidarity.

Bishop Paul Colton comments: 

Over a week on from the invasion in Ukraine, all of us are increasingly distressed by the reports emanating from the war zone and, especially the images of destruction and carnage. We watch on in disbelief and with growing fury.  The images of refugees, mostly women, children and older people, are particularly heartbreaking.  We are only two and a half hours away by air from these, our neighbours, and our hearts and prayers go out to them.  More than that we want to respond in practical ways, and these opportunities which are now being highlighted by the Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal, their partners and others, are one of the ways in which we can all do something tangible to help.

Bishops’ Appeal is partnering with Habitat for Humanity Ireland and Christian Aid, and encouraging parishes across the island to contribute to our response to help people seeking refuge. 

The Bishops’ Appeal for World Aid and Development has committed €10,000 (£8,300) from its emergency funds to assist with the humanitarian response to the current crisis in Ukraine. 

Direct link to Bishops’ Appeal website with details on how to donate.

Jenny Williams, Chief Executive of Habitat for Humanity Ireland, writes:

One week on, more than 1,000,000 people are reported to have fled from Ukraine to neighbouring countries with nothing but the clothes on their back and anything that they could carry with them.

It can seem like we are powerless to help, but please know that Habitat for Humanity National Offices in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia will support refugees fleeing Ukraine to find safety and shelter. 

Read more about Habitat’s response here.

Donate here.

Watch a Video by Roberto Patrascoiu, Habitat for Humanity Romania, from a refugee camp near the border with Ukraine (30 seconds)

Christian Aid’s funds will go to sister agencies in the ACT Alliance.  This network of Christian aid and development agencies includes the Lutheran World Federation and Hungarian Church Aid which are both working in neighbouring countries.

Stories of how Ukrainian refugees are being supported.

Bishops’ Appeal has also provided a 5-page children’s teaching resource for Lent

‘What have you got in your hands?’

to help focus on a project of your choice whilst exploring justice issues and the Church’s response.

There is also a full article including endorsement by Archbishop of Armagh and the Archbishop of Dublin available.

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