Pupils of St Mary’s NS Carrigaline donate to Cork Penny Dinners for St Valentine’s Day

For the eighth year in a row, the pupils of St Mary’s National School, Carrigaline, have collected items to be delivered to Cork Penny Dinners on St Valentine’s Day.

Canon Elaine Murray, Rector of Carrigaline Union, writes:

Cork Penny Dinners is based in Little Hanover Street in Cork City and was founded during Famine times as a soup kitchen.  They are currently serving over 2000 meals per week, compared to around 150 a week a few years ago. Their aim is a simple one – to give everyone who calls to them a hot nourishing midday meal. In addition, their clients get sandwiches and fruit to take away as an evening meal.

There’s an open door and a warm welcome. They never judge, they serve. Sometimes a cup of tea, a handshake and a chat goes a long way towards beating the loneliness that’s a big issue for many who come their way. Their aim is to provide a warm, dry place to sit and eat, with a welcoming atmosphere where no questions are asked, no judgments made. Regardless of ability to pay, all are welcomed with courtesy.

Every year for the past eight years, the children have brought items into school and we deliver them to Penny Dinners in Little Hanover Street, so that the clients and staff there get to know that there is more to St Valentine’s Day than soppy hearts and cards. It’s the perfect time to show them some real practical ‘love’ in action!

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