“The Shandon Mystery” – Bishop launches appeal at Saint Anne’s, Shandon

On Sunday, 6th February 2022, Bishop Paul Colton visited Saint Anne’s Church, Shandon, Cork, where he and members of the parish launched ‘The Shandon Mystery’. 

Bishop Paul addressing the congregation

The Bishop writes:

The mystery is straightforward;  we do not know the exact dates of when the building of the church began, or when it was consecrated.  We are appealing to people who may have the answers – in original records in their custody or in sources we do not know of – to help us to find out the exact dates.  Even pieces of the jigsaw of information may help us. Come what may, just as the 250th anniversary was celebrated in 1972, we are making plans to celebrate the 300th later this year.

Also present at Saint Anne’s, Shandon were representative of RTÉ and The Echo. Eoin English of the Irish Examiner was first off the blocks with his report HERE.

Bishop Paul giving an interview to RTÉ in the ground of Saint Anne’s Church, Shandon
Bishop Paul and parishioners of Saint Anne’s, Shandon in front of the press
Cliff Wedgbury dressed as Sherlock Holmes for the event
The Bishop showing some historic silver ware to the reporters from RTÉ
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