Annual Table Quiz for Cork Diocesan Youth

CDYC were able to hold their Annual Table Quiz in the Carraig Centre in Ballincollig back in November. On the night there were two different groups, one with young people from first to third year and the other from fourth to sixth year.

Diocesan Youth Officer Hilda Connolly said:

There was some fierce rivalry between the teams, but all done in great jest. Some of the CDYC leaders were on hand on the night to help with cooking pizza, correcting, and gathering sheets. Some members even put together a few of the rounds – some more difficult than others, but it is always good to throw a curve ball in there. The Carraig Centre was a great venue. The Rev. Ferris welcomed the group and helped with the more technical aspects too!

It was CDYC’s first indoor event since before the Covid-19 pandemic. As it was a table quiz, the teens could sit in small groups and keep within their pods, adhering to current health guidelines.

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