First Confirmation Service in Cork, Cloyne and Ross since 2019 held in Kilgariffe Union

On Friday, 10th September, the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Dr Paul Colton, confirmed ten young people from Kilgarrife Union. It was the first Confirmation Service in the Diocese since 2019. 

Confirmation Candidates of Kilgariffe Union with the Rev. Kingsley Sutton and their Bishop, Dr Paul Colton

The Rev. Kingsley Sutton, Rector of Kilgariffe Union, said: 

When we started Confirmation preparation, most of our candidates were in sixth class in primary school. They are now in second year in secondary school! We’re delighted to have got there on our third attempt at holding a Confirmation Service. Many thanks to Bishop Paul, and congratulations to each one who was finally confirmed.

The Rev. Kingsley Sutton, Rector of Kilgariffe Union

Bishop Colton said:

The pandemic has disrupted our community life and, in particular, our opportunity to worship together in person. It was simply wonderful to start these weeks of catching up on Confirmations in Clonakilty and also to be with people from the Diocese whom I had not seen for too long.

The Right Rev. Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross
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