Heritage Week at St Coleman’s Church, Macroom

As part of Heritage Week, environmental educator Ted Cook gave a talk in the grounds of St Coleman’s Church, Macroom on Sunday 15th August. It was a fascinating look into the history of the church, which closed in the early 1990s. During the entertaining, enlightening but also poignant talk, music was played from the recently serviced organ in St Andrew’s Church, Kilmurry. Present at the event were Monsignor James O’Donnell from Macroom Roman Catholic Parish and Priest-in-charge, the Rev. David Bowles. 

After the talk, Ted Cook presented the Rev. Bowles with the autobiography of A.J.S. (Stephen) Brady’s, ‘The Briar of Life’, who was the son of the rector of Macroom, Rev. Albert Brady in the early 1900s. 

The Rev. David Bowles extended his gratitude to Ted Cook for organising such an interesting event. 

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