Hats for Seafarers

During the past year of restrictions, two parishioners of Douglas Union with Frankfield, Co. Cork have been busy knitting hats for seafarers, continuing an activity that started in the parish on Sea Sunday 2017. This year, thirty-six woolly hats have been posted to the Port Chaplain in Dublin for distribution.

The Rev. Hazel Minion explained: 

At present, due to Covid 19 limitations, seafarers do not visit the centre in Dublin where formerly many supports were available. But the port chaplains continue to visit ships to meet seafarers, to chat with them and offer assistance where it is needed and possible. They are delighted to be able to take some woolly hats to give to them, both to keep them warm and as a token that people on land are thinking of them as they transport our goods across the world.

St Mary’s Church, Marmullane

The Mission to Seafarers says:

Imagine getting on a ship in summer in the Philippines, dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Soon you find yourself transiting freezing Arctic waters with only your overalls to keep you warm.

Seafarers often set out on new contracts not knowing where their ship will end up or travel through, and they may need to stock up on warm clothes to see them through some of the chillier parts of the globe. We are always grateful for gifts of warm knitted items which our chaplains can pass on to seafarers.

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