The Diocese of Lichfield, UK links with Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Dr Paul Colton and members of the Diocese recently met online with the Bishop of Lichfield, Dr Michael Ipgrave OBE and members of the Diocese of Lichfield to discuss their ongoing relationship. 

Lichfield Cathedral

The link between Lichfield, in the Church of England, and Cork, Cloyne and Ross goes back to 2018 and since then several possibilities of connecting parishes, cathedrals and schools have been discussed. Upon the outbreak of Covid-19 many of these plans had to be put on hold, but equally, new opportunities have arisen. 

Visitors from Lichfield and clergy from Cork, Cloyne and Ross in 2018

The pandemic and consequent lockdowns have accented the importance of communication and relationships and at the online meeting the parishes of Perton in south Staffordshire, and Carrigaline presented their approach to forming a lasting relationship during these times. The two parishes connected and stayed in communication via virtual pulpit swaps, quiz nights in aid of the Mother’s Union and Christian Aid, and the exchange of Christmas Cards among other things. 

The two dioceses discuss collaboration online

The sharing of prayers across both dioceses is an essential part of this link and  several other ideas about youth work, the eco agenda, charitable giving, and civic connections were exchanged during the meeting. 

Both dioceses are eager to further strengthen their existing link and after praying together, the meeting ended with a final blessing by Bishop Michael. 

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