Boot Camp on The Long Strand for Cork Diocesan Youth Council

On the 24th June 2021, CDYC were able to hold their first gathering since September 2020.

With a lot of debating over what might be a suitable activity for Cork Diocesan Youth Council (CDYC) to run, Hilda Connolly (Diocesan Youth Officer) contacted her friend, Lorna O’Regan, from FeelGood Health and Fitness to see what she would recommend.

CDYC Gathering at The Long Strand

Lorna is a West Cork girl and runs her own health and fitness business in Clonakilty.

She focuses a lot on teenagers and children and has been kept busy over the past few months with schools and clubs.

She will also be running a variety of children camps over the summer.

Lorna arrived on the Long Strand on the morning of the 24th June ahead of everyone else to set up her obstacle course for the day ahead.

No-one had any idea of what was in store!

As the teens, arrived in the carpark, they were met by Hilda where they were split into two smaller groups, to adhere to the covid guidelines set out.

Everyone was given a briefing on the schedule for the day and were given some more guidelines to follow.

The main two rules being….plenty of sun cream and to drink plenty of water. Because believe it or not, the sun was out in full force!

The first group headed apprehensively to the beach with Lorna, while the second group headed off with Oriel Hosford and Judy Peters mapping the way!

CDYC on The Long Strand for a day of activities

Coming up to lunch time, the first group with Lorna were absolutely soaked to the bone after a much-needed water fight to cool down after the challenges that were set for them that morning.

Once the tummies were filled with lunch and everyone was rehydrated, it was back to the grindstone again!

After a quick swap over with the groups, the afternoon took off with some more laughter, fun and a little bit of cheeky cheating again!

Lorna set up an amazing set of challenges and games for the teens and kept them well entertained throughout their session. She has an amazing energy and encouraged and helped everyone along way.

At the cross at Rathbarry near by

As the saying goes “No man was left behind!” nor did Hilda escape the water fight as much as she tried to!

The day was finished off by a feed of the famous fish & chips from the fabulous Fish Basket Restaurant on the beach – a birdie said The Fish Basket is a favourite too, of our Bishop – at least if you go by his Instagram stories!

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