Video Message from Bishop Paul Colton to Confirmation Candidates in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, Dr Paul Colton, has recorded a short video message for those young people who had hoped to be confirmed in the past year, or who are thinking of being confirmed.

Having written to each of those who were to be confirmed in 2020 on the day when their Confirmation was to happen, but didn’t, Bishop Colton wanted them to know that they have not been forgotten. He also referred to the challenges their particular age group have been facing and encouraged them to keep talking to people and to tell others how they are feeling. ‘We are not alone’ said the Bishop ‘God is with us.’

Bishop Colton put the video together to coincide with the anniversary of his annual Confirmation Morning which was held in 2020 on the first Saturday in March.

In the video message, the Bishop shared photographs of last year’s Confirmation event for young people – an annual event he hosts together with clergy and youth workers in Cork, Cloyne and Ross. A different hymn for use at all the Confirmation Services in the Diocese is chosen each year.

The hymn for 2020 – ‘All are welcome’ – was recorded by the choristers of Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral singing remotely in their homes. This too features in the Bishop’s video message.

You will find the message on the Cork, Cloyne and Ross

Youtube channel


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