Change of Leaders in Children’s Ministry Group in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

Canon Elaine Murray, who has devoted six years to the continuing work of the Children’s Ministry Group in Cork, Cloyne and Ross, building on the foundational work of the Reverend Anne Skuse as first convenor of the group, stepped down at the end of 2020 and the baton has been handed over, by the Bishop, Dr Paul Colton, to the Reverend David Bowles.

21/09/2019. Peace Banner Workshop with representatives from Schools and Parishes, at Northridge House, Mahon, Cork. Picture: Jim Coughlan.

Speaking about her six years Elaine said:

My 6 years of coordinating the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Children’s Ministry Group was a totally joyful experience. Working with a dedicated team and getting to meet all of the wonderfully committed group of volunteers in the diocese was both inspiring and rewarding.

Bishop Colton, thanking Elaine, said that her six years giving a lead in this important aspect of work in the Diocese were ‘creative, innovative, imaginative and ground-breaking.’ He said:

Elaine and her whole team from the Children’s Ministry Group, have put in place many exciting initiatives. When Elaine accompanied me on a Diocesan visit to the Church of Finland she soaked up ideas from that part of the Church. I want, on behalf of us all, to thank Elaine most sincerely, and also to thank David Bowles for accepting my invitation to take this on.

In the course of the last six years there have been a number of very useful training sessions and activities including: holiday club training, mental health issues relating to children, Godly Play, two banner-making workshops, a Nativity evening, and liturgical resources for Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.

Elaine encouraged people to network, to pool resources regionally in the Diocese, and set up the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Children’s Ministry Group page on Facebook. Following the Finland visit, a host of ideas were shared and taken up. A table of Children’s Ministry resources and ideas became a regular feature at Diocesan Synod. Of particular significance to this period of time was a peace banner workshop to design and make banners for use during this time of the Decade of Centenaries in Ireland tying in with the Diocesan Commemoration and Reconciliation Project.

Here are some images from the Children’s Ministry Group in the Diocese:

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