Christingles by ZOOM in Crosshaven, County Cork

Templebreedy Group of Parishes had a wonderful Christingle (Christ-Light) Service on ZOOM recently. Everyone received instructions of what they needed for the service, which until now was annually held in the Church.

It was a celebration of ‘God: The Light of the World.’

Christmas is a time for traditions, and the Christingle is a tradition with a long history. It has its origins in the Moravian Church dating back to 1747.

It is a physical three-dimensional symbol of God as the Light of the World, and it expresses what he has given for us and to us. As a beautiful reminder of God’s love.

The modern Christingle consists of:

• The orange – represents the world

• The red ribbon – indicates the love and blood of Christ

• The four skewers – represent the four seasons, and they are arranged in a way that from above they show a cross representing the cross Jesus died on.

• The dried fruits and sweets – on the four skewers fruits and sweets, are mounted representing God’s good gifts: the fruits of the earth and the fruits of the spirit.

• The lit candle – symbolises Jesus, the light of the world

• Aluminium Foil – around the base of the candle, which represents the world reflecting Christ’s light.

Check out these amazing Christingles made by the children at home, during our liturgy!

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