‘My Lighthouse Project’ in Advent for Cork Diocesan Youth Council

Since the CoronaVirus Pandemic started, Cork Diocesan Youth Officer, Hilda Connolly, has been determined that it would not put a stop to youth work in the Diocese. Together with the Cork Diocesan Youth Council (CDYC) new ways have been found of keeping the young people in touch with other and exploring new activities within the different restrictions imposed by the Government.

As part of CDYC’s preparation for the Advent Youth Service this year, the young people decided that they wanted to include their favourite song in the service…with a slight twist.

A night was picked to get everyone together on Zoom and the discussion was had on how best to record this project. The Rev. Cliff Jeffers was the ‘manager’ and organised the group to perfection!

The overall results are brilliant, with the teens doing the actions throughout the song.

It is known throughout the country that the Cork, Cloyne and Ross young people have taken ownership of this song. At any event organised by CDYC, or further afield by the Church of Ireland Youth Department (CIYD), the Cork group are sure to be heard singing this song at the top of their voices at some stage throughout the day…or night!

The most memorable moment was on the annual Cape Clear trip, the group boarded the ferry to take a trip out to see the Fastnet Lighthouse. Despite the fact that the CDYC group were not the only people taking the trip to the famous lighthouse, the group, very respectfully, played the song and sang along as the ferry approached the Fastnet. They entertained the whole ferry.

This song means a lot to this group of young people and in our present situation it is very apt. Our young people have had a difficult few months and sometimes they too need a light to guide them through.

It was a very fitting choice to end the Advent Youth Service with as the theme on the night was “Hope’.

And as the lyrics go ‘Your great love will lead me through, You are the peace in my troubled sea.’

Have a look at them here and join in!

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