Prayer in Preparation for Re-opening Church Buildings ~ Archdeacon Adrian Wilkinson

The Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, the Venerable Adrian Wilkinson, who celebrated the silver jubilee of his ordination as  a priest on Saint Columba’s Day, 9th June, has written a  prayer for his parish and for use in the United Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and  Ross.

It is for use as preparations are made for the reopening of church buildings.

It is now shared more widely as others may like to use it.  Here it is:


Creator God, 

not limited by time or space; 

your Son worshipped in synagogue and Temple, 

and your Spirit came in power on the disciples as they met in the Upper Room. 

By that same Spirit, 

guide us as we prepare to reopen the churches in this parish/diocese. 

May they be places of safety, 

where all feel your welcome, experience your love and are equipped in your service. 

We pray for those who through age or vulnerability will continue to worship at home, 

that together we may all rejoice in your goodness and know your blessing, 

until we can offer unceasing praise in your heavenly kingdom,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




Archdeacon Adrian Wilkinson

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