Surprise Visitor to Youth Zoom Meetings in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

Since the beginning of lock down the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocesan Youth Officer, Hilda Connolly, has been keeping in touch with the youth of Cork, Cloyne and Ross through ZOOM.

Every Friday at 7.30pm, the “meet-up” takes place with an evening of games, chat and fun.

But a few weeks ago the meeting was structured a little differently and took into account that the majority of the group are particularly sporty and are missing their sport incredibly.

Unknown to the group, Hilda had invited the Cork Ladies GAA Football Goalkeeper, Martina O’Brien, to pop in to say hello.  Martina has worn the red and white jersey for 8 years now and has been nominated on a few occasions for the All Star Awards.

Martina O’Brien


Martina spoke to them about how she is dealing without her training and matches. She decided to learn something new during lockdown and her chosen activity is Table Tennis and Badminton! So she received lots of feedback on that!

She also encouraged the group to take walks and keep active to keep their minds focused and not to dwell on the current situation.  She also advised them to turn off the news, restrict social media and to get out in the fresh air and go gardening, walking, cycling or take on baking or cooking as a new challenge!

As Martina also runs a Physiotherapy Clinic in Ballinascarthy, the group had lots of questions around her job.

Afterwards, the group had a quick fire round of something good that happened during the week. A lot of the group had thrown their hand at a bit of farming for the first time, Hilda included!! She realised that covering her dad’s silage pit wasn’t as easy as it looks!  Following on from that, and after the group were shown the Sutton family’s new potato patch, Hilda set them all a challenge to plant something before next weeks session!

And, hopefully, over the next few weeks, there will be a few more speakers making an appearance.

The Zoom meetings are open to anybody from first year upwards.

But it is at this time of year that CDYC would encourage anyone in 6th class to come along to their summer events.  As that is not possible this year, a new 6th class Zoom has been introduced on a Thursday evening at 7pm.

This is to help encourage the 6th class group to get familiar with each other before joining the existing Friday night group. It is set up to help reduce the anxiety and fear of joining a group that already know each other.

It has been great to see so many new faces coming along and joining in on Thursday nights. And some are now joining in on both nights, which is amazing!

If you would like any details on either Zoom, please contact Hilda on



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