Cork finds a way in lockdown to celebrate a colleague’s 50th birthday

Since the start of Holy Week, clergy, readers and diocesan staff in Cork, Cloyne and Ross have been meeting on ZOOM each weekday morning to say the Morning Daily Office together.  Many have found it a great support saying Morning Prayer together in this way each day and even seeing one another in the midst of the current restrictions has been an encouragement. Each week one of the clergy hosts the Service and another says the responses, with all others ‘on mute’ as otherwise the time lag on ZOOM causes a cacophony.

But what do you do when one of your number has a big ‘5-0’ – 50th birthday – in lockdown?  Such is the case today for our colleague and friend the Reverend Kingsley Sutton.

Well, you don’t tell him and you say nothing, but with the help of a family insider – Daphne Perrott Sutton – you get photos, and then, at the end of Morning Prayer a short happy birthday video put together by the Bishop is played, and then  – surprise, surprise – all the participants are holding a mini-birthday cake and candle!

You are welcome to join us in singing happy birthday to Kingsley:

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