Cork Parish Sends Gifts to Children in the Parish Kids’ Group and the Lord’s Prayer by Poster for us All

In the Carrigrohane Union of Parishes in Cork City, the leaders of their Adventurers (the kids’ group in the parish) each used old VCR (video cassette recorder) cases at home to make ‘Adventurers in a box’  to send to each individual child in the group.

Putting the old VCR cases to good use.

Each box included a special letter, treats and activities for each individual child.They were all delivered (before the lockdown last night)!

One of the filled VCR cases.

The leaders have had lovely pictures and feedback.

The leaders plan to follow this up each with with another letter and activity suggestions at home which they are sending to parents via a WhatsApp group.

This Sunday in the parish on-line service the Lord’s Prayer posters – prepared for Adventurers ready for The Carraig Centre – will be used.  Here is the Lord’s Prayer using their posters:


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