Young People from Cork, Cloyne and Ross ask Questions ~ Food for thought

One of the sessions with the young people at the annual Confirmation Morning with the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross at the start of March, involved a card game and putting together posters of questions about the world, faith and life.

The session for the 80 young people in small groups was organised and hosted by Archdeacon Adrian Wilkinson and Mrs Jacqui Wilkinson.  Afterwards the poster questions were entrusted to the Bishop, Dr Paul Colton.

One of the posters from the Confirmation Morning with the Bishop in Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Bishop Colton said:

These 80 young people are asking the very questions we all ask, and they give us all food for thought.  Clearly there are some young philosophers and theologians in the making, but, more significantly, these are questions many have or have had at some point in their lives.

During these days at home of physical distancing I thought the questions of these young people, aged between 10 and 13 mainly, would be worth sharing with you.  I was encouraged that they are asking these questions and thinking about them.  As a community we also are challenged to think how we can support them on their journey of looking for answers.

Here are the questions which were asked (sorted under headings), and, in conclusion, some suggestions from the young people of Cork, Cloyne and Ross who are preparing for Confirmation this year:

The World

  • How was the world made?
  • Does God create all solar systems?
  • How can we help the world?
  • What started the Corona Virus?
  • Will everyone die from the Corona Virus?
  • Why is the world such a troubled place?
  • Why is there so much pollution?
  • Who started climate change?
  • Why is global warming a thing?
  • When did global warming start?
  • When will global warming stop?
  • How will people stop climate change?
  • Do you want to stop global warming?
  • Why do people ignore global warming?
  • What can we do to stop climate change?
  • When will earth die or end?
  • Why are fossil fuels so precious?
  • Why is population a thing?
  • Will a cure be found for COVID-19?

Big Questions

  • How long ago was the beginning?
  • What is the purpose of humanity?
  • How do you know God is real?
  • Are we evolved from monkeys?
  • What’s the most important thing about religion?
  • What would you change in the world?
  • What is the point of hate?
  • Why so much violence?
  • Why is there so much sickness?
  • Why is this world such a troubled place?
  • What would you change in the world?
  • Why are some people more fortunate than others even if they aren’t nice?
  • Is anybody living on Mars?
  • Will we be able to live on a different planet in the future?
  • If an alien came how would you describe earth?


  • Where did God come from?
  • Why does God not show himself?
  • How do I know God is real?
  • Does God have a surname?
  • What age is God?
  • How old is God?
  • How was the world made?
  • How did God create the world in seven days?
  • Why did God create the world?
  • How did God part the sea?
  • Can God have a wife?
  • Why is God a man?
  • Is God a woman or a man?
  • Why do we refer to God as a man?
  • What gender is God?
  • How powerful is God?
  • What does God like?
  • Why is God trying to kill us?
  • Are all the other gods fake?
  • Will God help people to destroy the planet?
  • God gave us this world for nothing so why are we so selfish?
  • Does God have a house other than a church?


  • Who is Jesus and what did he do?
  • Why is Jesus in our life?
  • What year did Jesus die?
  • How long was Jesus nailed on the cross before he died?


  • Who wrote the book of Genesis?

Heaven and Hell

  • What happens when you die?
  • How do I get to heaven?
  • What is it like in heaven or hell?
  • Is there such a thing as hell?
  • How is life in heaven?
  • What is heaven like?
  • What does heaven look like?
  • What happens in heaven?
  • How does heaven have so many people?
  • Is everyone in heaven good?
  • When will the world ned?
  • What is our last thought before we die?


  • Why are there so many homeless people?
  • Why do people have to bully each other?
  • Why are the rich and poor divided?


  • Recycle More!
  • Save the planet!
  • Unite together!
  • Don’t kill the earth!
  • Save the trees!
  • Care for the world!
  • Try not to use non-recyclable plastic
  • One small change can make a big impact!
  • Stop killing the earth?

The young people of Cork, Cloyne and Ross who have been preparing for Confirmation this Year.

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