Confirmation Candidates in Cork Parish Host Parish Fund-Raising Lunch

On Sunday 1 March, the 21 members of the current confirmation group in the parishes of Douglas Union with Frankfield in Cork, hosted a soup lunch in the Canon Packham Hall. At the lunch €576 was raised for Cork Penny Dinners.  They were assisted by their parents.

An industrious group of Confirmation candidates doing the washing up after the fund-raising lunch.

Beforehand they were involved in leading the worship in St Luke’s Church in Douglas. This service was attended by the Diocesan Youth Officer Hilda Connolly, who was also interviewed by the Rector, Archdeacon Adrian Wilkinson.

Cork Diocesan. Youth Officer, Hilda Connolly with Archdeacon Adrian Wilkinson.

It was wonderful to see the parish hall filled with parishioners, for what has become an annual part of the confirmation preparation programme in the parish.

Lunch hosted by the Confirmation candidates in Douglas, Cork.

Lunch hosted by the Confirmation candidates in Douglas, Cork.

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