Youth of Cork, Cloyne and Ross Share their Video at Church of Ireland Youth Forum

Five young people from Cork, Cloyne and Ross joined Diocesan Youth Officer, Hilda Connolly, at the third and final of the Church of Ireland’s Youth Forum meetings on 25th January, in City North Hotel in Dublin.  The young people were from the parishes of Mallow, Carrigaline, Kilgariffe, Fanlobbus and Rosscarbery.

Before the Forum, each Diocese was asked to produce and submit a video focusing on “What young people want from the church?”

The young people from Cork rose to the challenge and put a great piece together.  Here it is:

The Forum was organized by the Church of Ireland Youth Department (CIYD) and was facilitated by Nic and Sally Sheppard of Church Army.  Simon Henry, Steve Grasham and Barbara Swann from CIYD always put a lot of work into this event.

This year Bishop Storey, who is chairperson for CIYD, opened the day with a passage from Galatians chapter 2 vs 20: “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”  She encouraged everyone to live their best life.

The theme for the day was Ministry and Mission and was made up of debates, icebreakers, discussions and activities.

Some questions that were put to the group were “Where and how did Jesus minister to people?” and “What were the key elements of the ministry of Jesus?”. Plus many many more discussion type questions.  The groups were then asked to look at some examples which they personally find teaches them something about the way they live their lives and how they should be with other people.

The day closed with Steve Grasham leading worship.

Even though it was initially a 3 year project, the Cork group are very disappointed that it is over!  They absolutely loved attending this yearly event and made the most out of each year.

It is a great event to bring some of the youth from all the dioceses together to not just be part of the learning and the teachings of the day but to encourage the teens to meet people outside of their own areas and to build connections.

Fingers-crossed CIYD will continue on with something along the same lines for next year!


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