Church of Ireland in Cork Publishes Infographic to Tell Their Story

‘People often ask us’, said Bishop Paul Colton, ‘how big is the Church of Ireland in Cork?  What do you do? What do you get up to?  All sorts of questions.’

In part response to these questions from outside the Church, and also in response to consultations within the Church of Ireland, the Bishop, Dr Paul Colton, decided recently to commission an infographic from graphic artist Jonathan Leahy Maharaj with whom the Diocese of Cork has worked closely over the years.

Jonathan was given the numbers, and he came up with the design and pictures.  Some consultation in focus groups and minor adjustments followed.  Piece by piece each element was rolled out on social media over a two week period in May.  At the Diocesan Synod last Saturday, 8th June, the Bishop and members of the Synod formally launched it.

Members of the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocesan Synod launching the new Infographic.

Bishop Colton said:

Not only does it give a snapshot of our story and of the work of the Church of Ireland in this part of the world, it can serve also as a tool for reflection on our ministry and mission here; affirming what we already do, and highlighting what else we could be doing.  Each element also could be used as a focus for a cycle of daily prayer over a two week period.  It should encourage us too, seeing how much such a small community of people can do and the difference they are making.

The infographic has been published and circulated to all churches, parish halls and schools in the Diocese.

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