Clinical Pastoral Education Graduation at Northridge House Education and Research Centre, Cork

On Wednesday 8th May the beautiful refurbished chapel at St. Luke’s Home was the venue for the presentation of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Certificates by Dr Paul Colton, President of St. Luke’s Home. The twelve week training programme brought five participants from Wexford, Dublin, Waterford and Cork.

Dr Daniel Nuzum(CPE Supervisor Cork University Hospital), Rev Bruce Pierce (CPE Supervisor), Rev Sarah Marry (Chaplain), Ms Hilda Plant (St Vincent’s University Hospital), Ms Virginia Giglio (Cork), Rev Nigel Pierpoint(Dublin), Mrs Hilary Dring (Cork), Mr Peter Hudson (Wexford), Rev Dr Christine O’Dowd Smyth( (Waterford), Mr Tony O’Brien (CEO) and Dr Paul Colton (President)

Mr Tony O’Brien (CEO, St Luke’s Charity, Cork) spoke of the centrality of pastoral care within the life of St. Luke’s Home and how the CPE programme is viewed as integral part of the life of the Home. This year two students, Hilary Dring and Virginia Giglio undertook placements in St Luke’s Home and their contribution was celebrated by Dr Colton. Other institution placements were at Wexford Hospital, Waterford University Hospital, St Vincent’s University Hospital and Marymount University Hospital and Hospice. The Centre appreciated the presence of three mentors Canon Dr Daniel Nuzum (Cork), Ms Hilda Plant (Dublin) and the Rev. Sarah Marry (Coordinator of Chaplaincy at St Luke’s Home).

Left to right: Mr AJ McNamara, Dr Paul Colton and Mr Tony O’Brien

It was a delight also to welcome welcome Mr AJ McNamara (CEO of Cork University Hospital) who had just announced his retirement. The Rev. Bruce Pierce (CPE Supervisor) paid tribute to Mr McNamara for his constant support of CPE and his unfailing attendance at the Annual St Luke’s Graduation.


For the first time the new Chapel made it possible for the residents of St Luke’s Home, together with staff ,to attend the presentation ceremony and closing Service.

Gathered for the CPE Graduation in the Chapel of Saint Luke’s Home, Cork

Gathered for the CPE Graduation in the Chapel of Saint Luke’s Home, Cork



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