Confirmation Retreat Weekend in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

This is the third year that the Cork Diocesan Youth Council (CDYC) have run a Confirmation Retreat Weekend in the Carhue Centre in Bandon, County Cork. Even though in previous years, the weekend was held over the May Bank Holiday, this year it was decided to run it in conjunction with the Bishop’s Confirmation Morning in Canon Packham Hall in Douglas which was held on the 2nd of March.

Young people who attended the Confirmation Retreat

Some of the candidates from around the Diocese arrived in Carhue on the Friday evening for some games, food and a ‘Worship’ session led by the Rev. Cliff Jeffers and Marg Everett.

On Saturday morning, they were bussed to the Bishop’s Confirmation morning in Douglas.After a very enjoyable morning, the group were then taken to Leisure Plex in Cork for a game of Bowling and Quasar.  Once back at the Carhue centre, later that afternoon, the group had dinner and a session on the ‘Bible’ led by Mrs. Judy Peters before more games and fun.

Group at the Confirmation Retreat in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The weekend finished on Sunday morning, with the Leaders in Training group organizing the last session on ‘Prayer’. With very detailed and well organized Prayer Stations set up around the conference room, the candidates worked their way through them very attentively and keen to spend time at each station.

Leaders in training at the Confirmation retreat.

This weekend is a great introduction into youth activities around the Diocese. It also encourages and enables the young people to make new connections and friendships making it easier for them to integrate into bigger diocesan youth events and being part of the Church of Ireland community on a wider scale.

Busy at the Confirmation Retreat in Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

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