Cork’s ‘Goldie Fish’ Comes Face to Face with a Lofty Crane

Cork’s ‘goldie fish’  – the distinctive salmon weather vane atop Saint Anne’s Church, Shandon in Cork – had company on Thursday 26th April.  A crane rose to lofty heights to repair the lead flashing on the dome of Shandon, Cork’s iconic landmark overlooking the River Lee.

The ‘goldie fish’ atop Saint Anne’s Church, Shandon with Saint Anne’s Park, the Heineken Brewery at Ladyswell, Cork, and Collins Barracks all in the background.

There were many concerned enquiries as to the fish’s health and much relief when assurances were given that all was well. The damage to the lead work was caused by the cumulative effects of hurricane Ophelia, and storms Brian and Emma, and took only a short time to repair once contractors had reached the appropriate height. Local residents were very accommodating of the huge crane and welcomed the care being taken of the city’s much loved building. Doors re-opened to patient visitors and tourists shortly afterwards.

The crane stretches from the ground to lofty heights for the repair work.

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