Two Cork Parishes in Dramatic Enterprise

On the 9th, 10th and 11th November Douglas Union of Parishes with Frankfield, together with Carrigaline Union held Theatre Supper Evenings.  They put on two hilarious plays, ‘A Fishy Business’ by Margaret Wood and ‘Gosforth’s Fete’ by Alan Ayckbourne.  The audience were treated to three highly enjoyable nights with great food, wine and entertainment.  It was wonderful to experience the two unions of parishes working so well together and great to see a strengthening of bonds between near neighbours.

Cast of A Fishy Business;
Back row l-r Isobel Swanton, June Mathews, Mike Ryan, Paula Mealy, Sylvia Gash, Kevin Carroll, Rev’d David Bowles, Kieran Hogan and Lucy de Montfort,
Front row l-r Alanna Davitt, Judy Meany and Emily O’Donoghue

Cast of A Fishy Business
Paula Mealy, Alanna Davitt, Kevin Carroll, Judy Meany, Mike Ryan, Emily O’Donoghue, Kieran Hogan, June Mathews, Lucy de Montfort and Sylvia Gash

Cast of Gosforth’s Fete
Livy Riordan, Kevin Ryan, Rowland Newenham, Hilary Warren-Perry and Cecil Poole

Cast of Gosforth’s Fete
Kevin Ryan, Roland Newenham, Cecil Poole, Hilary Warren-Perry and Livy Riordan

Cast and crew of Supper Theatre Evenings
L-r Mary F Murphy, Director ‘Gosforths Fete’, William Warren-Perry, Olna Trotter, Producer ‘Gosforth’s Fete’, Cecil Poole (hidden), Rev’d David Bowles, Director & Producer ‘A Fishy Business’, June Mathews, Hilary Warren-Perry, Lucy de Montfort, Roland Newenham, Kevin Carroll, Alanna Davitt, Judy Meany, Isobel Swanton and Emily O’Donoghue.

Theatre Supper Evenings by Douglas, with Frankfield and Carrigaline.

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