Cork to Honour Bishop Paul Colton for his Spirit of Inclusiveness for all in Cork Society with the ‘Spirit of Cork Award 2017’

Cork Civic Trust as organisers of The Spirit of Cork Award has announced that it will bestow the 2017 award on Dr Paul Colton, the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

The Chairman of Cork Civic Trust, Michael Mulcahy, said:

“Cork Civic Trust, as hosts of The Spirit of Cork Award 2017, is very pleased to confirm that Dr Paul Colton is to be its recipient for the 2017 award. Through Spirit of Cork, our city and county has the opportunity to honour and recognise people who have made a real difference to Cork and her people. Spirit of Cork is an honour and recognition for people that we are proud to be part of our Cork family. Be they in Cork or in any part of the world where Cork is recognised, we wish to acknowledge them and their exceptional contribution to Cork. The Board of Cork Civic Trust has decided that Bishop Paul is a worthy recipient of this acknowledgment and has decided this for the following reasons –

  • To honour him as Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross for the 18 years that he has served in Cork
  • To recognise his outstanding leadership of people
  • To recognise the affection that the people have for him as a person and Church leader
  • To recognise his inclusiveness for all in our society
  • To recognise his ability to speak out and be heard in Civic, Church and State matters

This is only the third time that this award will have been presented.  The inaugural recipient was Dr Edward Kiely of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, and in 2015 Cork man and leading sports broadcaster and businessman, the late Bill O’ Herlihy was the recipient. We believe that Bishop Paul is an excellent choice for The Spirit of Cork Award 2017 and we look forward to presenting it to him at a formal Civic Dinner in December.”

Michael Mulcahy, Chairman of the Cork Civic Trust with Bishop Paul Colton.

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