Bishop of Cork, Dr Paul Colton, announces his Holy Week 2017 Programme

The Bishop of Cork, the Right Reverend Dr Paul Colton, has announced the programme and schedule for his Holy Week visit to the Cork parish of Douglas Union with Frankfield starting on Palm Sunday 9th April.

‘I’m using a contemporary approach from the world of social media, Twitter specifically,’ he explained, ‘on which to hang our daily journey, in this most significant of weeks for Christians.’  The overall theme of #HolyWeek is broken down into daily themes that tie in with the Church’s readings and the events in the life of Jesus throughout that last week before he was executed.

Bishop Paul explains:

I’ve chosen hashtags (#) – words or phrases run into one – which in today’s world ‘take off’ and sum up the mood or events of a particular day.  Whatever way it is done, I’ve always thought that Holy Week is not a time for great expositions of themes or systematic sermons; it’s about the simple remembering, in the fullest sense, retracing, with Jesus, the story of that week: its people and events, much as we recall year by year, the life-changing moments in our own lives.

Details of the full programme are here, and everyone is welcome:

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