Bishop Colton’s Annual Morning with Confirmation Candidates

On Saturday, 4th March, Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, hosted his annual ‘Confirmation Morning with the Bishop’ for all those who, starting with the Sundays in the Easter season, will be confirmed in the Diocese in 2017.

Young people from Cork, Cloyne and Ross who will be confirmed in 2017 at the ‘Confirmation Morning with the Bishop’

Once again the event was held in the Canon Packham Hall and Saint Luke’s National School Hall in Douglas, County Cork.  The morning started off with games, followed by group activities, as well as a chance to meet the Bishop in small groups and to hear from him about the Confirmation day.  A willing group of volunteers – clergy and lay people – took part and helped to organise the event.

Some of the volunteers who were on hand to help (l-r) David Bowles, Ted Ardis, Drew Ruttle, Peter Stobart, Isobel Jackson, Susan Colton, Hazel Minion, Kristin Hollowell, John Ardis and Ruth Wolfe, with the Bishop (right)

There was also a hymn to learn which will be sung at all of the Confirmation Services in the Diocese: a link to the morning together and the new friends from other parishes.  One young person remarked ‘I never knew that learning a new hymn could be this much fun!’ The day ended with a final round of the hymn, and prayers, before everyone enjoyed some snacks and drinks.

Fun learning to sing a new hymn

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