Morning with Bishop Colton for 2016 Confirmation Candidates in Cork, Cloyne and Ross

The morning with the Bishop is an annual fixture now in the Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocesan calendar for Confirmation candidates. Confirmation Services start at Easter and continue on the Sundays of Easter and following in the Diocese. All those who are to be confirmed this year met with the Bishop on Saturday, 12th March at the Canon Packham Hall, Douglas, Cork.  As ever, it was a busy and activity-filled morning, with games and refreshments too.  As well as meeting the Bishop and everyone else from other parishes, confirmands received the Bishop’s gift of prayer beads – the Wreath of Christ or Pearls of Life.  In other sessions they made a jigsaw to represent their group (which will be made into a souvenir card for each of them as a keepsake).  They had a talk about spirituality, and this year, they learnt a hymn which will be sung at all Confirmation Services in the Diocese in 2016.


Confirmands 2016 in Cork, Cloyne and Ross


The Confirmation Jigsaw, 2016

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