Bishop will Bless a New Icon and Aumbry of Healing at Cork Hospital

The Chapel of Christ the Healer, Cork University Hospital

The Chapel of Christ the Healer, Cork University Hospital’

The Bishop of Cork, the Right Reverend Paul Colton, will visit Cork University Hospital on Thursday, 6th December –  the Feast of St Nicholas – to rededicate the Chapel of Christ the Healer.  The Church of Ireland, working with colleagues from sister churches, has provided continuous ministry at Cork University Hospital since its establishment in 1978.  The Chapel of Christ the Healer, consecrated in May 1980 has been an oasis of prayer, healing and sanctuary for thousands of patients, families, staff and visitors since then.  Over recent times the Chapel was generously refurbished to meet modern needs.

The icon - ' Jesus, healing Lord of all'

The icon – ‘ Jesus, healing Lord of all’

Bishop Colton will bless a new icon at the start of the Service.  The icon called ‘Jesus, healing Lord of all’ was written by Romanian Orthodox artist Calatin Balut.

Included in the icon are: the blessing of the children; the healing of ten afflicted with leprosy; the healing of a paralysed man; the healing of two men troubled in spirit; the healing of a blind man; and the raising of Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

The Aumbry of Healing by Cork glass artist, Eoin Turner

The Aumbry of Healing by Cork glass artist, Eoin Turner

Before celebrating the Eucharist, the Bishop will consecrate a new altar designed to reflect a core value of open welcome and accessibility where both priest and people remain seated for the Eucharist.  The Hospital Chaplain, the Reverend Daniel Nuzum explains, ‘This bold action breaks down barriers of ability. At this table all are equal.’

Finally the Bishop will bless a new Aumbry of Healing for the sacrament and the oils of healing.  The aumbry was designed by Cork glass artist Eoin Turner.  Again Daniel Nuzum explains: ‘The glass reflects the liturgical colours of the year and speaks as a womb of new life and light that God brings through the sacraments, Christ’s healing touch and the power of the Holy Spirit.’

The Service will be broadcast live on CUH102FM at 10.30 a.m.

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