World Aids Day 2011

World AIDS Day will be observed on Thursday 1st  December from 11:30-11:50 at a special service of music, reading, reflection and prayer at the Chapel of Christ the Healer, Cork University Hospital.

HIV & AIDS continues to be a significant global health challenge. 1.8 million people died worldwide from an AIDS-related illness in 2010 and there were 2.7 million new HIV infections in 2010 1. In Ireland the level of newly diagnosed HIV infection is on a downward trend. (In Ireland there were 331 new HIV diagnoses in 2010 bringing the estimated number of people living with HIV in Ireland to 5,968).

Daniel Nuzum, Healthcare Chaplain at CUH said

It is important that the reality of HIV and AIDS and its devastating impact at home and abroad is not forgotten and that the global community maintains its goal of zero new HIV infections by 2015. Faith communities have a leading role to play in terms of education and advocacy and in the provision of pastoral care and support that is affirming and loving to all. In a small way, our service in CUH will demonstrate this.

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