Midleton College History Students on Historic Visit to Belfast and Derry

Midleton College history teachers Chris Baker and Martin Preston asked the Bishop to draw on Church of Ireland connections and on his own time working in Northern Ireland in the 1980s to organise a tour to Northern Ireland which took place between 3rd and 6th November.

The tour, which took almost a year to plan, was designed to give the students face-to-face encounter with primary sources for the Leaving Certificate history syllabus: Politics and Society in Northern Ireland 1949-1993 which deals with the civil rights movement, the Troubles, the Sunningdale Agreement, the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the Apprentice Boys of Derry, parades and the build up to the Good Friday Agreement.

Here are some photos of the tour:

Midleton College history students and teachers with the Bishop and the Reverend Stanley Gamble in the Throne Room at Hillsborough Castle

Lord Eames, former Archbishop of Armagh, who gave the group a memorable, personal and insightful presentation on the Troubles

With Lord Bew, Professor of Politics (and adviser to the process leading to the Good Friday Agreement) at Queen's University, Belfast

At Schomberg House history teacher Martin Preston, the Bishop and Sally Quill are shown the Paymaster General's Account Book from the 1690 Battle of the Boyne by Archivist Jonathan Mattision

On the visitors' list at the Northern Ireland Assembly, Stormont

Ned Hodson examines a cannonball from the Siege of Derry and the hole in it used to fire terms of surrender into the walled city

Meeting with John Kelly (brother of Bloody Sunday victim Michael Kelly) at the Free Derry Museum, the Bogside, Derry

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